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23 Signs You Are Hermione Granger

Get ready for a magical revelation.

1. You are physically incapable of controlling your hair.

2. You would rather be in a library than anywhere else.

3. This was you in every class, from elementary school to college.

4. You can be a little intense.

5. And so people often have this reaction to you at first.

6. You consider it your duty to keep your friends in line and down-to-earth.

7. And you always find yourself being the voice of reason in a group.

8. You never go anywhere without bringing something to read.

9. This is your bitchy resting face.

10. You can be a little bit judgmental.

11. But let's face it... you're normally always right.

12. You would literally commit murder for a Time-Turner.

13. You have no patience for PDA.

14. Mostly because you have a hard time expressing your feelings.

15. You give very enthusiastic hugs.

16. And all of your (close) friends are used to this.

17. You often find yourself overwhelmed by the stupidity of others.

18. You can't stop yourself from correcting people if they're doing something wrong.

19. You're not being bossy, you're helping!

20. You don't take shit from anybody.

21. And you aren't afraid to get physical about it (but only if you've exhausted all the logical options and it's truly necessary).

22. You're an incredibly loyal friend and will do just about anything for the people you love.

23. You're not above a humble brag because, let's be honest, you're awesome.