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    21 Reasons "The Cabin In The Woods" Is The Perfect Halloween Movie

    And also, unlike anything you've ever seen.

    1. Like any good Halloween movie, it's genuinely creepy.

    2. And there are terrifying supernatural bad guys.

    3. But unlike most horror movies, the main characters display signs of intelligence when faced with spooky situations.

    4. It's straight-up hilarious.

    5. It's not afraid to get a little bit sexy.

    6. Case in point: Chris Hemsworth.

    7. Also, Bradley Whitford.

    8. It's full of important lessons about life...

    9. Not to mention much-needed wisdom about plants and animals.

    10. The film understands the plight of the millennial.

    11. There are sweet, romantic moments (but not too many of them).

    12. It supports literacy.

    13. It's a family film!

    14. See? There are unicorns!

    15. But it's also not afraid to give children some much-needed real talk.

    16. It's realistic about the struggles characters face in horror movies.

    17. Also, zombies.

    18. There's so much more to this film than what you'd expect from a typical horror movie...

    19. Because it was written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.

    20. It's unlike any other horror movie in the world and you should watch it immediately.

    21. BONUS: It's on Netflix!