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21 Most Swoon-Worthy Moments Of Prince Harry's Visit To America

I don't know if I can handle this.The red-headed royal has returned home, but these glorious images will serve as a testament to his time in the colonies.

1. That time he wore his army fatigues.

2. That time he played carnival games with children on the boardwalk and won a stuffed Hello Kitty doll for a little girl.

3. That time he saluted the British and American flags.

4. That time he cheered the team of wounded British soldiers at the Warrior Games in Colorado.

5. That time he joined a human pyramid.

6. That time he flashed this saucy look.

7. That time he lit a torch with his piercing blue eyes.

8. That time he managed to make even Chris Christie swoonable just by association.

9. That time he honored America's fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

10. That time he was SO ATTRACTIVE that UK Prime Minister David Cameron was cut out of the photo so everyone could just focus on Prince Harry.

11. That time he did this thing with his tongue.

12. That time he played baseball with inner-city kids in Harlem.

13. That time he asked a small child for tips on how to hit a baseball.

14. That time he smiled and all of New York City smiled with him.

15. That time he hit a foul ball and every woman in America wanted to comfort him.

16. That time he hit a HOME RUN mere minutes after learning how to play the game.

17. That time he played polo in tight-fitting pants.

18. That time he manfully contemplated the universe atop a polo pony.

19. That time he showed off his INCREDIBLY MUSCULAR FOREARMS.

20. That time he WON a polo match and raised $1 million for his charity, Sentebale, while looking FLAWLESS.

21. That time he... SWOON. What was I talking about, again?