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15 Essential Ellie Goulding Covers

It's amazing how British singer Ellie Goulding can make any song — from Justin Timberlake to Dolly Parton — feel like her own. Here are her best covers.

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1. "Your Song" - Elton John

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Ellie Goulding's version of this song was so good that Prince William and Kate Middleton asked her to perform it at the Royal Wedding party for their first dance... even though Elton John was attending.

2. "Be Mine" - Robyn

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Robyn's song about unrequited love becomes 1000x more emotionally devastating in this beautiful slowed-down version. This is the song to listen to when you fall for someone you can't have.

3. "Some Nights" - Fun

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Need to cheer up? Ellie's live version of Fun's hit retains all of the enthusiasm of the original song, but with more vocal gymnastics.

4. "The Cave" - Mumford and Sons

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This live version of "The Cave" is so great that you can excuse the noticeable lack of banjos.

5. "Only Girl In The World" - Rihanna

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In Ellie's hands, this in-your-face Rihanna song becomes something soft, sweet, and, thanks to the live orchestra accompanying her, symphonic.

6. "Jolene" - Dolly Parton

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The British songstress owns this classic American country song and makes it her own.

7. "High For This" - The Weeknd

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Unlike most of the other covers on this list, Ellie is neither live or acoustic in this song. Instead, she puts her own electronic spin on the dark, bass-heavy hit.

8. "Heartbeats" - The Knife

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Nobody can sing about relationships — particularly difficult and painful ones — like Ellie Goulding. Even when she didn't write the song herself, the way she sings it will pretty much punch you in the heart.

9. "Sweet Disposition" - Temper Trap

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Ellie's ability to perform acoustic versions of electronic-heavy songs is unparalleled, as she once again demonstrates here.

10. "Tessellate" - Alt-J

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In this single from her new album "Halcyon Days," Ellie adds a sultry undertone to the already provocative song. It's pretty seductive.

11. "The Wolves" - Bon Iver

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Ellie's ethereal voice is at its most angelic in this stripped-down, mostly acapella version of Bon Iver's hit.

12. "Don't Panic" - Coldplay

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The amazing harmonies make this song memorable. The girl can sing live.

13. "Black & Gold" - Sam Sparro

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One of the few upbeat songs covered by the British singer, this version of "Black and Gold" driven and yet somehow playful.

14. "Mirrors" - Justin Timberlake

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Ellie retains the powerful emotion of Justin Timberlake's hit and gives it a softer, more intimate feel.

15. "Roscoe" - Midlake

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The princess of dance-pop sits down, picks up a guitar, and performs a gorgeous acoustic version of this indie song. (This is my personal favorite.)

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