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    13 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want To Tell You About Themselves

    "I'm the family breadwinner." Candid revelations from some self-described "SAHMs."

    BuzzFeed asked stay-at-home mothers to share something about their lives that they wanted more people to know. Their honest, amusing and heartfelt answers may surprise you.

    1. Janssen Bradshaw

    2. Regina Donahue

    3. Katrina Harrington

    4. Stephanie K.

    5. Britt Fisk

    6. Elisse Weinert

    7. Christina Valenzuela

    8. Kathryn W.

    9. Sheena Tobin

    10. Jenny Uebbing

    11. Alexandra Wright

    12. Sarah Deeney

    13. Hayley McCullough