12 Eye-Opening Confessions From Ferguson

People are using the anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper to describe their experiences in Missouri.

I was sent to the hospital from the tear gas. I was also hit with a rubber bullet. I was walking to my car after dropping my si
I wish all this rioting in Ferguson would stop for a lot of reasons. One of them is that these kids haven't been able to
Ferguson is a tragic loss made worse by out of towners. Black/ white, St Louis can solve our own problems!
Michael Brown Jr. died because of a racist white cop. Not because he supposedly robbed a store.
This shit going on in Ferguson is getting on my damn nerves! Just wait till the verdict comes out! Tired of the shit! I'm a
doesn't help that al Sharpton is in town throwing gas on the fire.  he's only here for $$ he doesn't care
The fact that the Ferguson stuff is closing the schools is ridiculous!!! Your kids education should be more important than the injustice!!!
I want to bring snacks and goodies out to the business owners in ferguson tomorrow night. I feel bad for them.
Hardly any of the looters are from Ferguson or Florissant. It is all the folks from East and North St.Louis coming in to take advanta
Hands Up Don't Shoot

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