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10 Beautiful, Unreal Photos Of An Underwater Cave In Russia

According to legend, the "Lady of the Cave" protects divers who venture into the world's largest crystal cavern.

1. The Ordinskaya Cave (or "Orda Cave"), which lies beneath Russia's Ural Mountains, is the world's largest gypsum crystal cave and one of the world's longest underwater caverns, with many areas still unexplored.

2. According to legend, a spirit known as "The Lady of the Cave" watches over all those who enter its waters.

3. Photographer Victor Lyagushkin enlisted the help of champion free diver Natalia Avseenko to recreate the myth in the cave's icy waters.

4. For two days, the dive team braved surface temperatures of -4ºF and a water temperature of 41ºF.



7. Avseenko held her breath for up to three minutes at a time as she posed in her flowing robes at a depth of 55 feet.