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31 Dog Vines That'll Make You Say "Same"

These dogs are all of us.

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1. When you call in sick but see a coworker in public.

2. When you’re chasing your dreams.

3. When you’re trying not to drown in the thirst.

4. When you have to hide the side bae real quick.

5. When you're brushing your teeth in the morning but don't really have your life together.

6. When it's finally above 60 degrees.

7. When you first lay eyes on your crush.

8. When you're trying to act cool in front of your crush.

9. When you're finally in the driver's seat.

10. When someone tries to call shotgun after you already did.

11. When you got that road rage.

12. When you're trying to be a cop.

13. When you're trying to be a mop.

14. When you hear someone talking trash but don't give a single fuck.

15. When it's moving day.

16. When you try to catch seriously anything.

17. When you're getting a blowout and feel sassy as hell.

18. When you walk up into the club.

19. When you drink on an empty stomach.

20. When you're wasted with a $1 slice at 3am on a Saturday.

21. When you're sneaking out on a one-night stand.

22. When it's before noon on a Sunday.

23. When you fart and it wakes you up.

24. When you're drowning in your responsibilities.

25. When you forget to take a Claritin.

26. When you're waiting for the microwave to hit :00.

27. When you're singing at home with the apartment all to yourself.

28. When you're trying to ask for help.

29. When you don't get that McDonald's money you asked your mom for.

30. When you pretend to like sports in front of your new guy.

31. When you attempt to do literally anything.

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