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    21 Animal Vines That Are Never Not Funny

    Animals: they’re just like us!

    1. When you're high at McDonald's trying to read the menu.

    2. When you try to follow your dreams.

    3. When you're taken to the feeling.

    4. When someone reaches for one of your fries.

    5. When you and your friend are drunkenly trying to console each other.

    6. When you wake up in a new Bugatti.

    7. When you're trying to finish that essay.

    8. When you roll into work Monday morning.

    9. When you're dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight.

    10. When your aunt asks if you got a boyfriend yet.

    11. When your friend goes to the bathroom and leaves their chicken nuggets unguarded.

    12. When you're an ostrich that's low-key good at skiing.

    13. When you know you're better than everyone else in the room.

    14. When you and bae decide to stay in for the night.

    15. When you're cruising in the backseat.

    16. When you and your squad pull up to the club.

    17. When you're walking in a new pair of Yeezys.

    18. When you and your friend are perfectly in sync.

    19. When you're flawless and you know it.

    20. When you don't have an iPhone so you have to improvise.

    21. When you're trying to hit the Mariah high note.

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