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    If It's Your First Time Redecorating, These 30 Walmart Products Will Make It Surprisingly Easy

    Get ready to skip to the good part.

    1. An area rug that can help soften the echoey hardwood floors of your house while adding a cozy touch to any space.

    A beige Oriental rug in a living room with a tan couch and white rocking chair

    2. An easy-to-set-up HEPA filter air purifier because even though we love our homes, sometimes it feels like the must of years past is quite literally trying to suffocate us. With this gadget, sneezing from decades of dust, pollen, and pet hair buildup will be a thing of the past.

    The air purifier

    3. A wooden bookcase with adjustable shelves that is neutral enough to use in any space but can easily be made into the crown jewel of your living room by displaying all your beloved knickknacks and books that you've definitely read.

    A dark brown wooden bookcase with vases and a globe on it

    4. A handmade macramé hanging planter to add some life to your ole' home. Since counter space can be hard to come by after living somewhere for a while, this will help make more room for your precious plants!

    A plant hanging in a macramé planter

    5. A wooden pet gate because some rooms just aren't meant for our furry friends. This particular barricade is adjustable, so you can customize it to fit any doorway's dimensions!

    A woman holding a toddler with a brown dog waiting on the other side of a wooden gate

    6. A roll of botanical peel-and-stick wallpaper that will instantly transform any walls you've been tired of looking at. Plus, this one is removable, so it's also perfect for renters!

    A bedroom decorated with wallpaper with green leaves all over it

    7. A set of vintage-inspired curtain swags to fully embrace your house's maturity while also serving very cool cottagecore vibes (so your grandma AND your TikTok-influencer niece will think they're cool).

    The white translucent curtain swag

    8. An adorable color-changing dinosaur night light because sometimes the kiddos (and, let's face it, the adults, too) can get a little spooked by house noises at night and could use some bedside company. Plus, it's rechargeable, so they can take it with them to any room of the house!

    A dinosaur-shaped night-light glowing green on a bedside table

    9. A cedar Adirondack chair so you can finally get to know the neighbor kids by sitting on your front porch and yelling at them to stay off your lawn (or just enjoy a nice day outside).

    A wooden Adirondack chair on a porch with a blanket on it

    10. A twinkle-light curtain to add some whimsy and fun to your home. What's more, these are water-resistant, so you can use them inside or outdoors!

    A curtain of twinkly lights hanging

    11. A quiet humidifier and essential oil diffuser that lasts 22 hours because if you've lived somewhere forever, old smells tend to linger. And we all deserve a spa moment every once in a while!

    A person sitting crossed-legged next to a white diffuser

    12. A mid-century modern-style floor lamp because overhead lighting really helps brighten up any space. This one is the perfect combo of current *and* retro vibes that'll look great in any room.

    A silver floor lamp by a table and chair

    13. A plug-in LED under-the-cabinet light fixture because you can't really have lamps in the kitchen but still need to see what you're doing to avoid any accidents while you cut veggies. Plus, it's super easy to install!

    A kitchen counter lit by lighting installed under the cabinets

    14. An 89-piece tool kit so you can maintain and fix up your sweet home that you love so much, even though something always seems to be broken or in need of repair.

    A pink tool kit with a hand hammering a wooden toy car

    15. A home theater projector if you're nervous about mounting a big flat-screen on your walls but still want to enjoy a movie night (or hours of bingeing reality shows).

    A white movie projector with a person sitting in the background

    16. A 25-pack of slick metal cabinet pulls because we might have liked the cabinet handles when we moved in, but now they just seem tired.

    A metal cabinet handle sitting on a dark wooden surface

    17. An entryway coat rack for housing all your outside clothes because closet space can be hard to find when you've used literally all of it already.

    The coat rack and shoe rack

    18. A TubShroom hair catcher if you have pipes that have trouble handling hair clumps, and paying for plumbing is outrageously expensive. You truly will say "wow!" when you see how much hair is clogged in there!

    the tubshroom with hair in it

    19. A set of shibori-style gardening tools because you may have a "garden" that is really just a glorified patch of dirt with weeds that you've been meaning to get to since you moved in. It's time to get in there and fix it up!

    A set of gardening tools in a blue box

    20. An under-the-bed storage container with wheels because not all bedrooms have closets or linen cabinets. The tops of these ones are clear, so you can actually see what you've put in them!

    An under-the-bed storage container

    21. A countertop dishwasher — unfortunately, there's no such thing as a dishwasher fairy but this is as close as you can get. Bonus: This one can also wash veggies and fruits!

    the white dishwasher

    22. A set of two double-layer under-the-sink organizers because you most likely won't have enough counter space in your bathroom, and your skincare shopping problem has gotten substantially worse since moving in. This one is great because you can also use it in the kitchen, office, laundry room, or even on a tabletop!

    Two under the sink organizers

    23. A shiatsu foot massager if you're feeling stressed after a long day at work and just want to come home to a little ~relaxation.~

    The massager

    24. A set of satin bed sheets to make it feel like you're staying in a luxury hotel while you're bingeing your favorite TV show in bed.

    black satin sheets on a bed

    25. A boho beaded chandelier that blends style and elegance without being too over-the-top. It's giving me major beachy spa vibes, which can help create a relaxed vibe in any room.

    The chandelier

    26. An easy-to-install door draft stopper if the insulation in your home has gotten WEAK — and you don't want to spend tons of money on AC and heating.

    A hand installing the draft stopper under a door

    27. A humane mouse trap — while we love adorable tiny creatures with adorable tiny feet, we don't remember them signing the lease or contributing to the grocery budget when we moved in.

    A mouse next to the green mouse trap

    28. A floor-length LED mirror, so you can feel like you're in a fancy department store while you're getting dressed in the morning. The lights also make it ideal for mirror selfies!

    The mirror

    29. An electric heated blanket because, maybe when you moved in, the insulation was sufficient, but after years of living in your home, a draft has crept in and it's chilly inside no matter what time of year.

    the blue plaid blanket on a chair

    30. And finally, a Nest-compatible smart lock because you're over the lock getting jammed all the time, and it's the hugest pain when it's boiling out and you're trying to get inside to the cool AC ASAP.

    A black smart lock

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