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    Just 25 Things That Your Elderly Dog Will Thank You For Buying

    Because your elderly pooch deserves the royal treatment.

    1. A machine washable Custom Catch personalized dog mat so your mature bestie always has a comfy place to cuddle up, even if they're not allowed on the couch (which they should be tbh). 

    Reviewer image of dog with gray mat and the name
    A dog wearing a

    Promising review: "I bought this for my daughter’s dog because they have laminate floors and her dog likes to lay on the ground... but also pees a lot on his bed, so washing a bulky dog bed practically every day would be a lot. He absolutely loves this mat. He drags it around, and tries to fold it, and sleeps on it every night. My daughter is actually the one who asked me to write this review to let everyone know that she washes this thing five times a week and it is still perfect with not a stitch out of place. She even asked for another one for Christmas this year as a back up. I chose the blue color in a large with his name printed on it. He’s a Shih-Tzu so there is plenty of space for him to lay and play." —Jennie211 

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95+ (available in three sizes).

    2. A pint of doggy ice cream if you're looking to spoil your old dog. Best part? They don't need to have all their teeth to eat this. Choose from five different flavors (like maple bacon, peanut butter, and carob), add water, freeze it, and your pup has a yummy dessert ready to go.

    Image of reviewer scooping ice cream
    Dog licks from bowl next to Puppy Scoops maple bacon ice cream for dogs

    Promising review: "This puppy ice cream smells great. I bought the maple bacon flavor for my 4-month Chihuahua, and she loves it. The size of the products is good for small dogs. I give her one scoop because she is tiny. This ice cream is perfect for the hot summer days." —Neryna Cuadrado

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in five flavors).

    3. A very helpful Furbo dog camera so you can keep an eye on your older pal when you're not home. It also has a 360-degree wide-angle view, treat tossing capabilities, color night vision, two-way audio, and barking alerts.

    Promising review: "We travel a lot and this has been such a great tool to be able to see my dog and give her treats while we are gone. Our dog loves hearing the squeaky sound it makes because she knows what is coming her way. The Mother Hubbard small reward treats fit perfectly and my dog loves them. Highly recommend this product!" —BurgessColorado

    Get it from Amazon for $210.

    4. A bestselling Outward Hound "Fun Feeder Slo Bowl" for your dog who absolutely inhales their food and is immediately begging for more (or is sick on your couch). These are great because older dogs can have digestion issues and we don't want that.

    Promising review: "I got my senior dog food made for senior dogs. It’s easy to eat. So he started eating it so fast he would almost choke. He would look at me all hunched over and in pain in the middle of eating and I would panic. So I decided to get this bowl. He honestly isn’t a big fan of it. Because he likes things to be easy for him (he is spoiled in all other aspects of his life). But I like it because he is not eating so fast he is gonna choke. But now he just takes his time and lays down to eat. I’m happy with it! Great purchase!" —Destiny Hamman

    Get it from Amazon for $16.98+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

    5. An anxiety-reducing Snuggle Puppy stuffed toy with a heating pad and a lifelike battery-operated heartbeat sound if your pooch gets anxious traveling, during fireworks, or if there is a thunderstorm. Seriously, there is nothing sadder than seeing an old dog have a panic attack, so you really need this!

    Promising review: "I have a 16 year old pug recently getting over a bout of pneumonia. The past 4 weeks have been so hard he just wants to be held by me. No one’s talks about it but a senior dog is a lot like a puppy or even more demanding to take care of. I bought this had it arrive over night, it was a easy set up I just pulled the battery plug and set it next to him. I clicked the heartbeat on and my old man was fine for most of the day as I could see on my furbo it relived his stress significantly which is a relief because before today I would have to come home from work and call for help if I saw him start to yell on the furbo to be picked up today I felt like I could do what I needed to thank goodness." —CDub

    Get it from Amazon for 39.95+ (available in five colors).

    6. nonstick Dash dog treat maker that can make eight bone-shaped treats at a time, because your dog deserves all the yummy snacks made with tons of love! They could also totally use this to make human treats, too!

    Promising reviews: "Got this for my friend as her dog has a ton of allergies and she can't giver her dog many treats. She was so excited to use this! Loves it!" —anonymous

    "My dogs absolutely loved these treats...they loved the flavors! It comes with several recipes. The treat maker is pretty easy to use, overall. I did try to spoon the dough in, but had better results when I very carefully pressed the dough in... be careful it gets very hot! After the treats come out, you have to clean up the edges to make them look perfect. Great price. I would it buy as a gift for my dog-loving family and friends!" —HeatherLee

    Get it from Amazon for $13.59+ (available in two colors).

    7. A spray bottle of this stain and odor remover so helpful if you don't want your house to smell like a urinal after pet accidents. My 12-year-old dog has a health condition that makes her pee all the time, and this spray has been a total game-changer for when she has accidents inside.

    8. An interactive Outward Hound dog puzzle toy you can hide treats or kibble in to help keep your pooch occupied on busy days when they're working from home and can't give them the attention they so clearly deserve. Plus, it's important to keep older dogs' minds sharp!

    Image of dog next to interactive toy
    Reviewer image of dog playing with the interactive toy

    Promising review: "When I give my dog treats using this, she's started playing with it before eating. Before, she was more focused on getting the treats, but now she seems to be satisfied after playing with it. Since she's a senior dog, it's great to give her activities that stimulate her brain." —Evergreen

    Get it from Amazon for $8.38.

    9. A carrier backpack that can hold dogs weighing up to 25 pounds for when you wanna bring your furry best friend along for any late-in-life hiking or backpacking adventures. Plus, it makes for an awesome view for any hikers behind you.

    Person walking with a dog in a specialized pet backpack carrier

    10. A backseat extender bridge so your dog doesn't go flying into the front or get caught in between the seat cracks when you slam on the brakes. It also allows for more room for them to sprawl out and ~relax.~

    German Shepherd sitting on a car seat with a tilted head, looking attentive

    11. And a car seat for your furry friend to make sure they stay safe during any long car rides or trips to the airport. And the seatbelt is adjustable for a comfortable fit!

    Dog secured in a car with a safety harness

    12. A three-pack of washable dog diapers if your canine bestie has trouble holding it sometimes. My 12-year-old Chiweenie struggles with accidents, and these have been super helpful (plus they're adorable). These are great if you have to leave your pup at home for a couple of hours. Here she is chillin' in her diaper with her Steven King novel, happy as can be.

    My dog living her best life in her diaper

    13. A set of folding pet steps for the canine companions who are more ~fun-size~ or don't have the leg strength to jump on your bed anymore. They still deserve to be up there. 🥺

    A dog on the steps

    14. An anxiety jacket designed for any dog who gets a little anxious when traveling (like I do). It applies gentle, comforting pressure, acting like a cozy hug for your furry friend to keep them calm if they get freaked out by fireworks, planes, car rides, or the general mayhem that is reality. (Please let me know where I can get one for humans).

    A dog wearing the jacket

    15. A pair of UV dog goggles to protect your pup's eyes while they're sticking their head out the window or joining you in a sunbathing session.

    A dog wearing the goggles

    16. A pack of chicken-flavored Pill Pockets, so getting your senior dog to take their meds can be a breeze. I use these for my dog, Molly, and they're like her favorite food.

    A person holding a pill pocket with pills in front of their dog

    17. A 100-count pack of compostable dog wipes to keep in your backpack or in the car in case your sweet dog has a little accident because incontinence is very common with older pooches.

    A french bulldog with the wipes

    18. An adjustable collar with a bowtie because your furry pal wants to dress like the distinguished adult that they are and so they should!!

    19. A two-pack of rubber collapsible dog bowls so your dog doesn't get dehydrated if you go on a hike or spend a sunny day at the beach. The carabiner also makes it easy to clip onto a backpack or leash!

    the bowl on a leash

    20. A four-pack of pet bandanas, to make sure your fur grandma looks their best. And if you decide to take them to a dog park while you're on holiday they'll be super easy to spot while they're playing.

    21. A ridiculously adorable furry baby raincoat if you and your best friend end up getting caught in the rain but still want to enjoy the day and stay dry. Plus, the hood is removable!

    A dog wearing a raincoat

    22. A really bright rope leash with reflective threading, so if ya'll are out walking at night, drivers and cyclists won't be able to miss you! And the grip is super cushy and comfortable, so even if your dog is tugging, your hand won't get rope burn.

    reviewer using a bright pink and black rope leash while walking two big dogs

    23. A paw soother stick to keep your dog's hands and feet comfortable while the two of you are out and about. This is great for helping with dryness and minor scrapes, whether you're hiking a trail or doing some urban exploring or just hangin' on the couch.

    24. A low-noise pet grooming kit and vacuum so you can literally vacuum the hair directly off your pet rather than waiting to clean it up after shedding. It also comes with hair-trimming tools, brushes, and nail clippers. Basically, it's a professional pet salon at home because your furry friend deserves ~luxury.~

    The product with all its different attachments

    25. And finally, a reversible furniture cover you can throw in the washing machine if you've accepted the fact that your dog will always sit on the couch, no matter what. (They're old and they deserve it!)

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