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Jun 2014
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    elliemanw commented on What Do You Wish Your Friends Understood About Your Eating Disorder?

    I would like people to know that just because you've gained weight and have now reached a 'normal' weight doesn't mean that you have recovered. For me the actual hardest bit of recovery came after I had reached a healthy weight. It took years of therapy and day patient programmes… 

    5 years ago

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    elliemanw commented on What's The Most Impressive Thing Your Body Has Ever Done?

    I have suffered from an eating disorder for 10 years and always hated my body but 3 years ago I discovered hula hooping. I'm still not 100% content with my body but I now appreciate it for what it is able to do. Without my body and my body being properly fuelled I wouldn't be able… 

    5 years ago

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