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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Ask Someone "Why Don't You Have Kids?"

We've almost all been there. You're married (or sometimes not) and childless, going with your S.O. to family gatherings or parties with friends and you get the awkward questions about your family plans. If you're one of those people who create these super uncomfortable moments, here are some excellent reasons why you should stop.

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7. You're essentially asking about their sex life.


Try going up to anyone you know and say "how's your sex stuff going these days?" and see how well that goes over. Think that sounds awkward and inappropriate? Of course you do, because it is.

Getting pregnant and having children requires sex. So why are you asking about it?

6. There could be health reasons preventing a pregnancy.


When you come up to someone all nosy and ask "What's the matter with you? Why don't you have kids?" sometimes there is something actually the matter and then you're the jerk rubbing it in their face. They might have been trying for a while and been getting depressed about the lack of success and now you've made them feel worse.

Many couples have problems conceiving because of health conditions of either themselves, their partner, or even both. And, I might add, none of those problems are any of your business.

4. Some people simply don't want kids.


I know. It's super hard to believe that while you find joy in all things kiddie, that some people either don't care or straight up don't like them. Accept that people want different things in life than you do and move on.

Please, please, PLEASE don't take that as the opportunity to tell them how wrong they are and that their opinion will change. No one suggests that the love of your child is wrong and that you should decide you hate them and send them to the nearest orphanage.

3. Sometimes people just want to wait a little while longer.


There are many reasons for waiting. It could be because they want to focus on their careers or their relationship. They could be saving up for a house or trying to get healthy. Or maybe they even want to test their caretaking skills on a puppy first.

All of these reasons are valid, and if there is one thing we can all agree on is that you should try and wait until you are ready. Trying to make someone's reasons invalid by saying things like "if you wait until you can afford them then you will never have them" or "you can always have a baby in an apartment" is a jerk move. Just don't even go there. People's reasons for not having children are just as valid is your reason for having them.

Just because you have a children doesn't mean everyone is ready for them at the same point in their lives as you. Think of it as deciding where to go to vacation. Some people want to stay home and others want to go to Disney World. Does it really make a difference to you?

Nope. The answer is nope.

2. No one cares about your opinion on the matter.


Let's face it. 9 times out of 10 the answer that is given to the question is never deemed good enough. Then the poor couple you're imposing on then has to suffer through all your explanations about why kids are great and why you think they should have them right now.

You don't really get to have an opinion so don't share it.

1. Frankly, it's none of your business.


Having children is a private decision and really is none of anyone's business except the couple you're asking. You should just respect the privacy of the people around you and not ask. With all the pressure society already puts on all of us to procreate, do you really want to add to the stress? Just acknowledge that it's none of your business and know that in almost all situations it's really rude to ask.

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