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40 Moments Only Found In The Life Of An Animator.

Animators are an amazing group of people. We have fun and we work hard and are super passionate about what we do. There are things that only animators can commiserate with. Here are a few. For more see

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1. Video Reference is really just an excuse to dress up and play pretend.


Filming video reference is almost a dare of how awesome we can be and how we'll add our own special something to the shot.

2. When a non-animator makes comments about how easy animation must be.


Seriously. It's a very challenging and competitive field where every movie or short is put together with a team of extremely talented people.

3. When Maya starts crashing and you didn’t set your auto save.

4. When you look at the Graph Editor after you've switched to splined.

5. When you see an animator use a technique you've never seen before.


Where did you learn that? I'd sell my soul for that!

6. When your shot deadline gets moved up.

7. Getting a job at a studio and realizing you never need to UV Map again.

8. When you get asked if you would like a tour of a big animation studio.


Disney Animation Studios is more magical than Disney World, you guys!

9. When someone tells you they stumbled upon your old college reel.


I thought I deleted all traces of it!

10. When you get your first animation job and realize college taught you nothing.


There are 12 principles of animation!? My college professor said there were only 7! Why did I even give them my money?!

11. When the rig you're animating with keeps breaking.


That’s the moment when all the feels turn to rage. Just rage.

12. How you feel after nailing a tough shot.


Aww... Yeah...

13. When people tell you that you have the coolest job ever.


Because it is the best.

14. When your mentor or director tells you to try starting the shot over.


I’ve been working on this shot for a month! You mean you want me to go back and do new reference, reblock it, and everything?

Yeah… You’re probably right…

15. When your new animation computer arrives.


Getting a new computer to animate on is literally the best.

16. The immediate reaction when you get your first animation job.

17. When you switch from IK to FK and the transition is seamless.

18. When you ask someone to "do that again" so that you can film it for references and they get weirded out.


But we're really not kidding.

19. When people expect you to be a tech expert because you're a computer animator.


I don’t know why it’s doing that? Did you try turning it on and off?

20. When you look at someone else's graph editor.



21. When you accidentally send the wrong reel in with your application.

22. When your best friend gets hired at the same studio as you.

23. That moment when the computer crashes and incremental save was turned off.

24. That awkward moment when you make an animation joke around non animators.

25. When people say you're way too into animation for an adult.

26. When your supervisor has an awesome shot and asks who wants it.

27. When your animator friends offer to render your shot on their machines.


You guys are the best! I can’t believe you’re going to give up your access to Steam for the weekend. I love you guys.

28. When you get put on a team with one of your animation heroes.


Really?! I get to work with him?!

~Internal squeals of delight~

29. An animator's reaction to "it's only a kid's movie".


It’s an ANIMATED MOVIE not a kid’s movie. First, it’s an animated movie designed for the whole family to enjoy. The Baby Einstein Series are kid’s movies.

Second, would you tell Dickens “It was only a book”?!?!?! Or Jane Austen? Or J. K. Rowling?!!! WOULD YOU?

30. When a fellow animator has an idea to make your shot less complicated and more interesting.


More visually appealing and NOT aggravating? Tell me more about this brilliant idea of yours.

31. When you see an animator friend listed on the credits.

32. When Maya won't let you reference a rig.


Why won’t it reference the controls with the rig?! Why?! When I open the files it’s fine! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!

33. When your animation file gets corrupted when the scene is 99% done.


Maya! You are a cruel mistress!

34. When you watch a documentary about what it's like to work at a big studio.

35. When you set up your constraints and they work the first time.

36. When Maya gives you random errors on a file you've been using all week without problems.


WTH? Does anyone actually know how to use the geocaching?

(FYI: the answer is no.)

37. When you see the latest animated film in theaters and you realize you're the only one there without children.

38. When you are people watching and someone catches you.


Just over here reading a book. I’m not being creepy and trying to covertly videotape you on my iphone at all! Why would you think that?

39. When all the animation principles finally click.

40. When a non animator says "Your job is really cool! It must be very complicated and challenging!"


Finally! A non animator who gets it!

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