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40 Moments Only Found In The Life Of An Animator.

Animators are an amazing group of people. We have fun and we work hard and are super passionate about what we do. There are things that only animators can commiserate with. Here are a few. For more see

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14. When your mentor or director tells you to try starting the shot over.


I’ve been working on this shot for a month! You mean you want me to go back and do new reference, reblock it, and everything?

Yeah… You’re probably right…

29. An animator's reaction to "it's only a kid's movie".


It’s an ANIMATED MOVIE not a kid’s movie. First, it’s an animated movie designed for the whole family to enjoy. The Baby Einstein Series are kid’s movies.

Second, would you tell Dickens “It was only a book”?!?!?! Or Jane Austen? Or J. K. Rowling?!!! WOULD YOU?

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