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15 Things Animators Are Tired Of Hearing.

Animators are an awesome group of people. We're creative, observant, and extremely dedicated and passionated to our work. People are often say things that sound crazy to us, so here's a guide of things not to say to your animator friend. You can see other examples and read more about animation at The Animator Life.

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1. “Animation seems like the easiest job ever. I mean, all you do is draw all day, right?”


Animation in all it's forms and stages is incredibly difficult. It requires years of training and practice as well as keen observation skills. Even if it was just simply drawing, drawing in itself is an art form that requires its own talent and skills.

Want to know what's an easy job? Not animation.

2. “Hey you do animation right? Would you do a (insert something that has nothing to do with animation) project for me?”


Just because I am artist and creative does not mean that I can or even want to do other work just because it's "artsy". And I certainly don't want to do it for free or as a favor. This is how I make my living and my time is valuable.

3. “A career in the arts is just asking to be poor.”


First off, for most of us, being an animator isn't about money, it's about the love of animation. If we chose careers for money we all would probably become investment bankers or lawyers. And that being said, being an animator is a pretty good gig all around, and the benefits of being an animator are pretty sweet.

4. “Isn’t animation a dying art?”


Animation, like many industries, evolves. Animation is just about everywhere. You know some of those big blockbusters like the Avengers and every single Harry Potter movie? All of those required animators and are loaded with animation. You know that app you love to play on your phone? It's animated. Know that cool commercial you saw last night on TV? It's animated. Between media and all the video games, animation is far from dying. All of this combined with the Save 2D movement, and you've got yourself a lot of animation.

5. "Why don’t you just get a job at Disney or some place like that?"


If it was literally that easy, don't you think I actually would be working there?

6. "I think that I am going to learn to animate this weekend. It can’t be that hard."


Animation really isn't easy at all. It's always challenging, and that's why a lot of us are drawn to it. We love a good challenge. Animators go to school to learn about drawing and animation and how movement, the body, and how physics work. It takes a lot of hard work and time to learn, and that time commitment doesn't change when you're out of school. Animation itself is very time consuming. The only thing you'll accomplish in a weekend is a couple of seconds of a very simple ball bounce.

7. "Just make a short and sell it to Pixar. I mean, it’s only like 3 minutes. That shouldn’t take you longer than a week."


Watch a Pixar short and look at all the names on the credits. That was a team of people, and it took them about a year to make. There is no way an animator, working alone, can accomplish that amount of work, at that level, in a week. 3 minutes might not seem that long to you in theory, but 10 seconds a week is pretty impressive. And that's just the animating. That isn't including all the work that has to be done before the animation or what comes after.

8. "You want to know why I hate animation (or CGI)?"


I will never understand why people feel the need to tell me this when they find out I am an animator. Do people not realize how rude that is? Also, how do you hate it? HOW? Animation is in almost everything and is amazing. I think you must not be human. Go back to your lizard people and leave earth alone!

9. "Can I give you some hard career advice?"


If you're not an animator or somewhat involved in the animation industry, then you really don't know how things work enough to give me advice. It just comes off as condescending and buttish. The people that I want animation career advice from are from people who are successful within the animation industry.

10. “I can’t actually pay you but at least you know have a portfolio piece.”


As an animator, I have a better idea of what looks good on my reel that someone who doesn't know anything about animation. Asking me to do something for exposure or to put on my reel is just your way of saying you'd like to take advantage of me. Plus if I don't want to be paid and create a portfolio piece, I can stay at home and work on my own project. I don't need anyone else for that.

11. “When are you going to just give up on that foolish animation thing? No one likes animation anymore.”


Umm... Like Rick Astley, I am never gonna give it up. And if you don't like animation, I don't know if I want to be your friend anyway.

12. "Your animation obsession is really nerdy."


Didn't you get the memo? Being nerdy is cool now. And even if you think I am a nerd, I know a legion of like minded people who don't care. In general, I don't need someone to validate my love of animation. Animation is awesome and demands to be loved!

13. "Animated movies and video games are made for kids, not adults."


First, that isn't even remotely true. I am pretty sure that some of those games like the Grand Theft Auto series were not made with children in mind. Also, when was the last time you watch a movie or TV? Adult swim is full of animation that is for adults and not kids, and with special effects animation is almost every movie, I am pretty sure that a good portion of those are for adults. If that's not enough to prove my point, look at Up or Toy Story 3. Some of those moments are too hard hitting and emotionally wonderful for kids to fully appreciate. And look at Shrek! Think kids get all those innuendos?

Second, I don't really care what you think.

14. "I think I know more about animation than you do. I really like Disney so that kind of makes me an expert."


Liking Disney movies doesn't mean you know how to make them better than people who actually animate for a living. Let's not confuse knowledge of animation and Disney Trivia, shall we? Don't tell me animation is done at 37 fps because your cousin took an art history class and that's what her professor said, because as an actual animator I am telling you that's not even close to being true.

Disney movies are pretty wonderful and a lot of animators have been inspired by them and still are. That being said, I would encourage you to look into other studios and forms of animation. Don Bluth made some pretty excellent films, and Pixar and Dreamworks are industry leaders today as well. Aardman and Laika are an artist's dreams and a lot of the video games are really top notch gorgeous work. There are so many others that I haven't even mentioned that are amazing and worth watching.

15. “Wow! Animation must be really challenging and difficult. I bet it takes a lot of work to make something look that good.”


Just kidding! We actually never tire of hearing this. Please keep comments like these coming.

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