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Dear America...

What do we do when there is no hope of moving forward? Do we simply give up? Or do we continue to fight?

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"A house divided cannot itself stand." -Abraham Lincoln

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These words are just as relevant today as they were in 1858. Race relations in the United States are currently disintegrating and, unless you're unaware of the state of the union, we have to start doing something about this issue before it's too late.

For too long, our race relations have been dealt with in a very apologetic, yet strangely unapologetic, manner. For instance, the US gives special merits to minorities for scholarships, however when a black man is shot by a white cop, they turn the other cheek. When a minority wants a better job opportunity, they say they'll think about it, but give the job to a majority even if the minority fits the job better. It's racial profiling and it doesn't make sense. Even with the Oscar nominated film, Fences, out, people still don’t believe that racial issues are a problem in today’s America. The historical context that August Wilson's play bring to the silver screen is extremely important to bring forth in today's day in age.

Racial issues have been around forever, and they have no hope of going away, especially with who we have as our president. Donald Trump's campaign was run entirely on the basis of hate and "White is Right" ideology. Think of how many supporters this man got with just the phrase "Build That Wall!". It's ridiculous and it's moving America into the wrong direction. White supremacy and hate will fling the US into a world war and ultimately make our nation unsafe. Building a wall will do absolutely nothing and will make our nation a target. Refusing refugees loses all hope of our nation moving forward in the war on terror. You get the people fleeing for their lives into our country, leaving a country full of terrorists vulnerable to any combat we can dish out. It's all about learning cultures and learning that, as the Dalai Lama said, these aren't "Muslim" terrorists. They lose their religion the second they harm another person. Once America can separate the religion from the terror, then we can move forward into a better understanding of the world.

America is so ethnocentric that certain cultures scare us. We can look past the things we don't understand, it just takes time and patience. America can work harder on their race relations. We can do it.

So, America, what do we do? How do we save our beloved nation when almost half of our population believes there is nothing to be save? How do we "Make America (Actually) Great Again"? How do we, as a nation divided, make it so our house can stand? This nation, divided by politics and gender and race, needs to make some changes before things get to the point of an all out civil war.

Please, America, we need change. We need to go forth and be vigilant. We need to accept others for their differences. We need to change.

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