9 Classy Ways To Eat A Whole Cheese

No shame, only pride

1. Parmesan crisps

Perfect for a posh pre-dinner nibble.

2. Mediterranean feta

Show the dinner party you mean business.

3. Baked ricotta with chilli and marjoram

Show The Dinner Party You Mean Business 2: Revenge of the Ricotta

4. Roasted halloumi

You can eat it with a salad, so it’s basically healthy.

5. Tikka paneer

Spicy cheese that kicks jalapeno cheddar out of the park.

6. Brie wrapped in ham

Cheese so good that not even ham can contain it.

7. Baked camembert

Smash slices of toasted flatbreads into the cheesy magma below.

8. Melting vacherin

A cheat’s raclette, but no less showy.

9. Chevre baked in honey pistachioes

It’s cheese! In syrup! Don’t miss.

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