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Which NYU Crew Varsity Rower Are You?

NYU Crew has a pretty great varsity team this fall. Find out which rower you are!

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  1. The vans leave for practice at 5AM, when do you get to the van garage?

    4:45, always.
    Whenever I get my coffee.
    5:05, I swear to God.
    Whenever my walking buddies and I get there!
    I don't know about you but my van is leaving at 5 sharp!
    You won't know when I arrive. I will stand silently.
    Early enough to grab the bench.
    Pretty damn early.
    It depends on how long it takes me to do my hair.
    When my dad drops me off.
    Eh, we'll see.
    Early enough to take attendance.
  2. You're at the gym, what do you do first?

    Claim the ergs, of course! Occupy ergs!
    Get swole.
    Find my bros.
    See if there's anyone you know to distract you from working out.
    Gym? Haha. No.
    Workout. Duh.
    Squats. Then more squats.
    Make a conscious effort to avoid eye contact with everyone.
    I'm just doin' me. Whatevs.
    Get my workout playlist ready.
    I'm a coxswain I don't need to "gym"
  3. How do you feel about unis?

    I designed them!
    Love them. I feel so free. No underwear ever.
    You never see my uni, I'm a coxswain.
    All I wear are unis.
    I've been doing this for seven years, I'm used to it.
    If it's got a pug on it, then I love it!
    Well if it's got the flag of my homeland on it then I'll wear it.
    It's the closest I can get to legally being naked in public.
    My body is perfect so it's pretty chill.
    I've never consciously acknowledged that I'm wearing a uni.
    First rule: top down.
    I'm hiding a six pack under mine, don't tell anyone.
  4. It's Tuesday night! You know what that means!

    Force my team to wake up early Wednesday and workout.
    Stay up late doing nothing because we don't have practice. I'm tired but I should take advantage of this.
    Extra squats.
    Late night erg sesh!
    Hall snacks! Yay RA life!
    Got some memes to catch up on.
    Bro time.
    No days off.
    Be fancy a little bit later than usual.
    Be productive.
    My social life is pretty happening, so...
    Spend time with my roomie, because I don't do anything else.
  5. What do you bring to team dinner?

    Garlic bread.
    Cookies. But I'm saving the leftovers for myself.
    Dank memes and good jokes.
    Out of this world pasta salad.
    I don't go. I live in NJ.
    Nothing. You should be honored I came. I'm very busy.
    Might show up. Might not. Might bring salad with fruit in it.
    I'll go if Isaac goes! I'll bring nothing if I go.
    My water bottle, for sure.
    My Shannon.
  6. Long van ride back to the city! What do you spend your time doing?

    Studying in the passenger seat.
    Driving while telling everyone in my boat what they could work on.
    Driving and silently laughing to myself about the conversation in the back I'm obviously eavesdropping on.
    Driving like a maniac. Chatting with my partner in crime, Cate.
    Talking too loudly.
    Making everyone laugh.
    Studying not in the passenger seat.
    Changing into normal clothes camp-style.
    Jumping in on every conversation.
    Rolling my eyes.
    Also making everyone laugh.
  7. Winter training....

    I'll be there if Isaac is there!
    Time for fewer layers and more yelling!
    More bonding time with my ergs!
    I work hard year round, so this is really just a loss of water time for me.
    It's that special time of year when everyone realizes how unfit I really am.
    Winter training. Lol.
    Every year I get stronger and scarier.
    Does this mean I have to step more into a leadership position?
    means doing my own stretches while the team warms up.
    Well, okay!
    Did someone say squats? No? Oh, okay.
    Time to casually whoop ass.
  8. PARTY TIME! Are you coming to the party?

    I'll host it at my fancy Brooklyn apartment that I share with five boys.
    I'm staying sober in the kitchen. I'm an RA, my residents are here.
    I'll be there somewhere... drunk.
    I'll come for a bit.
    I'll come, but I'm too cool to enjoy it.
    No thank you!
    I'll be the one looking cool.
    Yes I'll be the one talking too much.
    I'll be there just kind of wandering around.
    Mom duty. Cool.
    I'll be there to blow you away with my great sense of fashion.
    Surprise! I'm even funnier drunk!
  9. How do you feel about NYU Athletics?

    I should probably care more but I don't.
    Honestly so annoying.
    I like to pretend I know what's happening with it.
    Screw them! They took our equipment!
    I don't know, sounds rough.
    I'm calm on the outside, angry on the inside.
    I honestly don't know.
    I will nod in agreement with everyone else.
    The ergs? Meh. Doesn't really effect me.
    They try to bring me down but they can't stop me.
    I'm eternally optimistic so it's fine.
  10. How much do you love the coaches?

    She reminds me of my grandma, it's whatever.
    I will never share my opinion.
    *Pulls pants up like Ariento*... "So!..."
    Aww, c'mon guys! They're just trying to be positive!
    I have never formed a coherent opinion.
    *scoffs at question*
    Still pretty optimistic!
  11. How long did it take you to row 100K for your varsity jacket?

    I did it in a week because I'm crazy.
    I row 100K a day so it's whatever.
    I waited until my third year on the team to get it, so I didn't row for mine.
    Embarrassingly long.
    New varsity didn't have to row for their jackets, suckas!
    Rowing? Nah, man.
    They just gave it to me.
    I would've rowed for it but I didn't have to!
    Not as long as it took you.
    *Doesn't give definitive answer. Mumbles. Looks down*
    It's honestly not that hard if you just row regularly.
    Oh man, I got my jacket so long ago it's hard to remember.
  12. Yippee! The van has an aux cord! What music do you play?

    Well it depends on what Spotify Playlist gets my van in the right mood.
    Whatever I want, I don't talk to anyone about it.
    I usually just play parts of songs because I get bored part-way through.
    I don't do aux cords but I'll flip through that radio nonstop for you!
    My music is so dope I carry a speaker with me.
    I don't care, I'm driving.
    No one ever let's me have the aux cord...
    I'm too busy changing to play music.
    I'm here to please the people.
    Now that I think of it, I'm supposed to control the music, not Isaac.
    I'm pretty okay accepting that I don't choose the music.
    Is there music playing in the vans?

Which NYU Crew Varsity Rower Are You?

You got: Captain Maddie Perlmutter

Congrats, Captain! You're a no-nonsense kind of gal. You prefer to be respected rather than loved but aim for both. You're the mom of your friend group, your team and yourself. Nobody messes with Captain Maddie.

Captain Maddie Perlmutter
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You got: Nicole Lauer

Congrats! You're the largest (one-time) coxswain ever! You've got a safe spot as the stroke of an 8 with your long limbs and respectable stubbornness. When you're not happily cooking heaps of pasta or saving lives as a nursing student you can be found not understanding why people think you're absolutely hilarious. Now go accidentally make people laugh!

Nicole Lauer
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You got: Elisabeth Andersson

Congrats, you're an erg-addict! Your swole-goals are high and your splits are low. Your morning outfits are far more fashionable than most. You're sweet on land but relentless in the boat. Now hit the gym, you haven't been since this morning!

Elisabeth Andersson
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You got: Olivia Sidoti

Congrats! You're Olivia! When not making dank memes with her other half, Shannon, you can be found being small and yelling. You've got a great sense of humor and a fantastic winter hat. You also ate poorly as a child. Hmm!

Olivia Sidoti
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You got: Shannon Hayes

Pronounced shuh-NOHN hi-YES, you are the resident photoshop wizard. Taking meme requests and satisfying your adoring fans with a well-timed one-liner is all you need to keep us coming back. Congratulations on escaping New Jersey!

Shannon Hayes
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You got: Captain Isaac Neaves

Congrats! You got Captain Isaac Neaves. You're quiet but not actually that quiet. You're an early-morning coffee addict and a playa in the field of bro-mances. When not rowing you can be found in Texas. Because Texas is great!

Captain Isaac Neaves
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You got: Cate Stern

Congrats, earth-saver, you got Cate Stern! You're that daily burst of energy that we all adore, are scared of, and respect. You're strong af, but it's casual. You're that crazy cool San Fran kick and crazy fast 2k the team really needs!

Cate Stern
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You got: Olivia Haworth

Congrats, you have a six-pack! Whether commenting on group posts, photobombing snapchats or working out, you win. You may have joined the team because your roommate Nicole asked you to, but now you're holding your own! You're a hard working but nothing motivates you like a run to the Donut Pub.

Olivia Haworth
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You got: Darren He

Congrats, you own a watch! Whether slapping chains or running that NYUBoatClub instagram that Captain Maddie is concerned about, you're sure to do it in style with your full UCL crew kit and plethora of unis. Don't let the outfit and the perfectly quaffed hair fool you though, you're a no-nonsense kind of Canadian.

Darren He
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You got: Sasha Daich

Congrats, you're a masters rower! Often found in the gym or fighting with Darren for the shotgun seat in Isaac's van, you're an old-soul kind of rower. Your body's been rowing for just over a year but your soul's been rowing a lifetime!

Sasha Daich
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You got: Ellie Bell

Congrats, you're Ellie! Whether making sure that everyone knows you study Theatre AND Linguistics or talking too loudly in the van, you can't be missed. Especially when you whip out that pizza onesie during winter season. Don't let the tom-foolery fool you though, you work hard to keep up. Now stop wasting time on the internet, don't you have a show to brag about- I mean - rehearse for?

Ellie Bell
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You got: Captain Evelyn Baert

Congrats, you're a secret thug! You may be tiny but you're fierce! You may have joined the team your sister was already on because you guys are life partners, but that doesn't mean you won't mumble a grumpy thing or two about her (or anyone!) under your breath sometimes. When you're not doing pullups effortlessly at the gym you're usually baking for your team. But if you were really an Evelyn, you wouldn't be on Buzzfeed!

Captain Evelyn Baert
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