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    If Contestants From "The Bachelor" Were "Game Of Thrones" Characters

    One is a TV show where morally ambiguous individuals conspire against each other in an effort to win the ultimate position of power. The other is Game of Thrones!

    Joelle Fletcher as Margaery Tyrell

    ABC, HBO / Via Daily Mail, Wikia

    These cunning ladies are hot AF, and they definitely know it. They've dealt with some serious fuckboys. They're also not as naive as they might appear.

    Shared likes: cleavage-baring dresses, highly public relationships, brothers

    Shared dislikes: northerners, rumors, being poor

    Evan Bass as Jorah Mormont

    ABC, HBO / Via People, Tumblr

    It's completely normal if you feel an irrational rage bubbling up inside whenever one of these dudes pops up (again) on your television screen, even though they mean well.

    Shared likes: dressing like a pirate, chasing after women who have repeatedly rejected them, creepy facial hair

    Shared dislikes: being friend-zoned, acting appropriately for their age

    Jubilee Sharpe as Daenerys Targaryen

    Instagram, HBO / Via Wet Paint, Screen Prism

    Both are fierce women with difficult pasts. Both could kick your ass.

    Shared likes: telling men how it is, leading armies, standing out in the crowd

    Shared dislikes: basic bitches, being surrounded by stupid people

    Chad Johnson as Ramsay Bolton

    ABC, HBO / Via zap2it, Comic Vine

    Um, was there ever any question about this one? Every show needs a one-dimensional psychopath prone to violent fits of rage, right?

    Shared likes: graphic death threats, overcompensating, offending women, dogs

    Shared dislikes: authority figures, non-murdery people, literally everyone

    Lace Morris as Cersei Lannister

    ABC, HBO / Via Ok! Here is the Situation, Bustle

    Drama queens capable of destroying everything in their path — depending on their current mood.

    Shared likes: getting wasted, eye contact, yelling at significant other

    Shared dislikes: other women, short hair, normalcy

    Ben Higgins as Jon Snow

    ABC, HBO / Via E! Online, Wikia

    These pretty boys may be clueless, but they sure are handsome. They're really concerned with doing the right thing, yet are very bad at making decisions. They also have a tendency to suddenly reappear on your TV just when you thought they were gone for good!

    Shared likes: mulling things over, pouting, running for office and then bailing

    Shared dislikes: fun, having a personality, planning ahead

    Kaitlyn Bristowe as Ygritte

    ABC, HBO / Via Huffington Post, Pinterest

    Bold and independent, they don't play by your stupid rules. They both prefer to be on the fringe of their respective "nations."

    Shared likes: crass remarks, making the first move, being from the north

    Shared dislikes: being told what to do, acting lady-like, birds/crows

    Josh Murray as Khal Drogo

    Instagram, HBO / Via The Hollywood Gossip, Comic Vine

    They're both temperamental manly men with lots of "enemies" and gigantic muscles. At their cores, they're men of simple pleasures, who, as Nick Viall so eloquently put it, "like to eat, shit, and sleep."

    Shared Likes: confronting people, blondes, moaning

    Shared Dislikes: being chill, losing control, books

    Luke Pell as Eddard Stark

    ABC, HBO / Via Zap2it, HBO Watch

    Poor Luke/Ned. You had the best intentions, but you ended up losing to an unfair system where a fuckboy reigned supreme. Everyone thought you'd be the star of the show, but your time was abruptly cut short. Rest in peace/Paradise Season 4.

    Shared likes: honesty, speaking in clichés, horses

    Shared dislikes: talking about the past, blindsides, Episode 9

    Amanda Stanton as Missandei

    ABC, HBO / Via OK Magazine, Winter Is Coming

    Quietly confident and sexy, observing from the sidelines is these ladies' jam. They may be women of few words, but don't mistake their quietness for weakness. When they do speak up, you'd better fucking listen.

    Shared likes: protecting those important to them, making out, crop tops

    Shared dislikes: others making decisions for them, attention, talking

    Jordan Rodgers as Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)

    ABC, HBO / Via US Weekly, Bustle

    You can’t tell if he’s the bad guy or the good guy, you just know he’s the shadiest guy. Sometimes we’re like “aw,” sometimes we’re like “ew,” and most of the time we’re like “I DON’T TRUST YOU.” It's still unclear whether these two are motivated by love, lust, or (most likely) power, but only time will tell.

    Shared likes: denial, using women to get to a position of power, groomed hair

    Shared dislikes: questions, staying in one place, their ex

    Jade & Tanner as Myrcella & Trystane

    ABC, HBO / Via Wet Paint, Pinterest


    Shared likes: finding love in a hopeless place

    Shared dislikes: long engagements

    That's all for now! But winter is coming, which means a horde of white, blue-eyed zombie clones will soon be writhing their way onto our screens once more. Oh and also white walkers! Bring it on.

    HBO / Via Bustle

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