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10 Off-Beat Places To See In Tijuana

Leave your gringo stereotypes at the border, and visit one of the most misunderstood cities in the world.

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3. Cristo del Sagrado Corazón


Evoking a serious feeling of WWJD, Cristo del Sagrado Corazón towers over all the houses in the beach town of Rosarito that is just a few miles outside of Tijuana.

4. La Sirena


Also, just outside the city limits of Tijuana, residing in Puerto Nuevo lies a home designed in the shape of a nude woman. La Sirena, Spanish for mermaid, is the second architectural design by Armando Munoz.

6. Border Field State Park / Friendship Park


The Foursquare check-in for this place is "El limite de la Republica mexicana" and it is exactly that, the limit of Mexico. Take time to see the graffiti and murals drawn on the border wall.

9. Visit Juan Soldado's Grave

Via Instagram:

Juan Soldado is the Patron Saint of Illegal Immigrants. The saint hood is not official by the Catholic church. However, it doesn't bother the mass amounts of people who visit his grave religiously.

10. Tijuana Taco Tour


The best tacos you will ever experience in your life. The end.

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