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There's Something I Don't Get About "Wonder Woman"

Don't get me wrong, I loved Wonder Woman but there is one scene that I just can't wrap my head around...(some spoilers)

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If you've seen Wonder Woman, you know that one of the undeniable truths of this world is that Wonder Woman is a total badass.

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Google defines a 'badass' as "a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person", AKA Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

But although she may have been sculpted from clay and brought to life by Zeus himself, she wasn't combat ready from birth. No, the young Diana was trained in all things battle and badassery by her aunt, Antiope.

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And I mean, who better to train Diana than the greatest warrior in the history of the Amazons, right? I could turn this into a "why Antiope is awesome" post but I doubt you need any convincing, so I won't.

Anyway *spoiler #1 time*, when German Imperial troops storm the beach of Themyscira in pursuit of Steve Trevor, the Amazons ride into battle (or leap off a cliff into battle in some cases). Leading the charge: Antiope.

After kicking some serious Imperial German butt, Antiope sees a soldier take aim at Diana (whose back is turned) and dives in front of his bullet to save her niece. She dies in Diana's arms after whispering something about the 'God Killer', which at this point we (and Diana) still think is this sword.

Moving right along to *spoiler #2*, during their epic battle, Ares destroys the sword and tells Diana that she was the 'God Killer' all along, not the sword. It turns out "only a god can kill a god" (Ares's words) and that Diana, being the daughter of Zeus, is thus the only one left who can destroy Ares.

But wait, hold on a second...if Diana can kill Ares, a god, and only gods can kill gods, then logically, Diana must be a god, right? I guess technically she's a demigod, but if Ares says that she is the 'God Killer' then he's acknowledging that she is god-enough to kill him. But if that's true, if Diana is a god, then WHY DID ANTIOPE HAVE TO DIE TO SAVE HER?

If only a god can kill a god, then the German's bullet shouldn't have been able to mortally wound Diana (unless you know, that dude had some seriously unique parentage) so Antiope didn't need to sacrifice herself!

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I guess you could argue that Antiope didn't know that Diana couldn't be killed by the bullet, but that thing she was whispering to Diana as she was dying seemed to be something about how Diana was the real 'God Killer', so Antiope definitely knew about Diana's power. It seems unlikely that she wouldn't have also known about the whole 'only a god can kill a god' thing...

In other words, #AntiopeCouldHaveLived

At least we're going to see more of her in Justice League later this year! I would say RIP Antiope, but that smirk on her face as she rides into battle tells me resting in 'peace' isn't exactly her style, so rest in endless victory, Antiope!

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