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Meredith Grey Dating??

Seems like Meredith Grey is ready to get back on the saddle and hit the dating scene again.

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Did She Just Give A Man Her Number?!

If you are reading this, my guess is you saw Meredith Grey give her number to a man last night. Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy has definitely been a crazy ass ride. But, for some reason we are still in it for the long haul. It's the Shonda Land roller coaster of emotion, it's a ride you will forever be stuck on. If you don't recall last season there was somewhat of a major plot twist... You know just that casual episode where McDreamy has a little meeting with a semi truck.

Since then, Meredith Grey hasn't had it so easy. I mean for crying out loud she had her dead husbands child and got attacked by a patient. We followed Meredith through numerous time jumps in the past two seasons. We are honestly at the point where Grey's Anatomy could be set in the year 2032.

Needless to say, after everything Meredith Grey has fallen victim to in the last two seasons it was about time she went back to therapy. We followed her journey through her therapy sessions where she developed a sassy sense of humor about how twisted her life is. We were able see the situations Meredith underwent in her point of view. By the end of therapy she was the classic Meredith Grey "whole and healed". So what's her next step? She is a successful surgeon, has a set of kids that we see maybe once a season, and no man.

In 12x13 we are introduced to Major Will Thorpe. Personally it wouldn't have been a bad decision to play It's Getting Hot In Here by Nelly in the background of the episode when this man showed up on our television screens. With that rugged, bad boy, military look he kinda has it all going on. Anyways, this is about Meredith Grey not Dr. tall, tan & handsome.

Meredith and Derek were a concrete couple within the dynamic of this show. The reality he is gone, unless Derek Shepherd is rising from the dead she needs to move forward. You can't dwell on the things in life that are beyond your control. Meredith has slowly been able to discover herself further since the death of her husband. The entire episode is like a high school flirt fest. Everybody and their mother flirted with someone in the episode, so it's only fair if Meredith got in on some of the action as well.

Within the last few seconds of the episode ending Meredith decides to give Will Thorpe her phone number. A man was practically handed to her on a silver platter. HELLO IT IS NORMAL TO GIVE A HOT SINGLE GUY YOUR NUMBER. With that said there is a large emphasis on the word hot. It isn't like she walked up to him and wanted to get married.

All of this is Meredith taking baby steps back into the real world. We all loved Derek Shepherd but, don't you feel Meredith should be able to have a healthy and happy relationship with someone else? For all we know this man may not call her. However, we gotta be honest here Meredith Grey is a total MILF. So when this man calls I fully expect Buy U A Drank by T-Pain to play in my head while these scenes unfold.

Meredith Grey is a grown woman and if this were reality it would only be normal to move on. It isn't like she is going to forget the father of her children. Unless this show gets a little more twisted and throws Alzheimer's her way. It is only fair if she has someone to lean on once in a while that isn't Alex Karev. So don't get your panties in a twist, the carousel isn't throwing you the f off, it's still turning.

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