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11 Reasons Why Ellen Is A National Treasure

Let's face it: She's your hero. For even more Ellen, check out Ellen's Design Challenge on HGTV!

1. Ellen is pretty much the coolest person alive. This is a fact.

2. She's been making us laugh for decades!

After a stint in stand-up comedy, Ellen got one of her first major TV gigs with Ellen in 1994.

3. She's a giving and beautiful person, but she always knows when it's time to goof off a little.

4. She was also part of a huge tipping point in LGBT acceptance in the late '90s.

5. She gives us majorly hilarious relationship goals.

Portia and I did the exact same photo shoot last weekend. Except with money.

So cute, so hysterical.

6. She's not afraid to flaunt her success a little.

7. And she's totally confident in her own skin.

8. She's also got killer style.

9. She's super into family and has the coolest mom ever.

10. Plus, maybe most important of all, she is a friend to all animals.

She loves animals! Ellen is a huge advocate for animals and supports charities including Downtown Dog Rescue, the Big Life Foundation, and Animal Tracks Inc.

11. She is also an expert in home design and has her own decor line!

Can't get enough Ellen?

All images courtesy of Ellen Degeneres, unless otherwise stated.