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11 Reasons Why Ellen Is A National Treasure

Let's face it: She's your hero. For even more Ellen, check out Ellen's Design Challenge on HGTV!

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3. She's a giving and beautiful person, but she always knows when it's time to goof off a little.

Aside from making people happy with her stand-up, she's also been part of over 40 charities in her career including GLAAD, the Humane Society, and Gray Beards, a charity that has helped countless victims with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

5. She gives us majorly hilarious relationship goals.

Portia and I did the exact same photo shoot last weekend. Except with money.

So cute, so hysterical.

9. She's super into family and has the coolest mom ever.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images for GLAAD

Her mother Betty DeGeneres is an LGBT activist and the first straight spokeswoman for the Human Rights Campaign's National Coming Out Project.

All images courtesy of Ellen Degeneres, unless otherwise stated.