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14 Outrageous Pieces Of Furniture That Actually Exist

Designing furniture takes some serious out-of-the-box thinking. Watch six designers compete with their creative pieces on HGTV's Ellen’s Design Challenge.

1. This massive bird's nest for human chicks.


It even comes complete with a giant heat lamp for perfect incubating.

2. This very meta wooden axe table that will blow your mind if you think about it.

Tom Oxley / Duffy London / REX USA

Axes chop wood. Wood is what tables are made of. This table is made of wood and axes. And these axes have wooden handles! Wood! Ya dig?

3. This suspended desk and the suspended swing chairs that come with it.

Tom Oxley / Duffy London / REX USA

Wouldn't you love to work here? Would you ever get any work done? Would your family and friends always ask you why you have cray bruises all over your ribs?

4. This banana pool table.

Cleon Daniel / REX USA

In case, you know, you get bored of regular, non-fruit pool.

An overhead shot of it. Because banana pool table.

Cleon Daniel / REX USA

5. This Jetsons-style space desk.

Bournemouth News / REX USA

It probably folds into a suitcase and then gives your wife your wallet while it walks your dog on a suspended treadmill. SPACE.

6. This giant spoon for your buttocks.

Ben Pipe Photography / Getty Images

If you've ever wondered what it was like to be in a stew for a giant.

7. This hammock from the damn future.

Trinity Hammocks / REX USA

It holds three nappers and the secret to renewable energy.

8. This glossy star couch.

Konstantinos Kokkinis / Getty Images

It doesn't look very ergonomic, but nobody's ever called stardom comfy.

9. This conversation-piece coffee table made from an aileron. / REX USA

You get to sound smart by explaining what an aileron is. (Hint: It's the rudder from the wing of a plane.)

10. This cozy, vintage love seat.

Keystone / Getty Images

If this doesn't get you some sweet, sweet loving, nothing will.

11. This sardine lounge.

Bournemouth News / REX USA

Hopefully this lounge doesn't have the same smell you associate with its shape.

12. This chair.

Flavio Vallenari / iStockphoto / Getty Images

For all those times you wish you had perpetual grass stains on your pants.

13. This missile couch.

Bournemouth News / REX USA

For all those times you wish you were uranium.

14. This very sensual couch.

Thomas Vogel / Getty Images

(Insert butt-kissing joke here.)

Don’t miss the premiere of Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV: Jan. 26 at 9/8c.

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