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13 Ways To Upcycle Furniture You Already Have

Looking to spice up a room without breaking the bank? Boy, have we got some projects for you. For more DIY inspiration, check out Ellen's Design Challenge on HGTV!

1. Turn some old doors into chic seating.

2. Make a kid-friendly craft station from a boring side table.

3. Use an old dresser as a bookcase.

4. Display your favorite snack tins in a unique way.

5. Make your wicker furniture more contemporary with some spray paint.

6. Add some country charm to your fireplace.

7. Give a rug new purpose.

Some rugs were meant more for resting your feet instead of wiping. Spruce up an old ottoman by re-covering it with a flat-weave rug. Find the instructions here.

8. Elevate your seating.

9. Rewire antique glass lamps into a modern chandelier.

10. Make a DIY desk with some old cabinets.

11. Reupholster some old chairs for a funky dining nook update.

12. Make your coffee table a display case.

13. Turn an old bureau into a chic kitchen island.

Still looking for some creative inspiration?