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    Overcoming Prostate Cancer Using Rick Simpson Oil

    Amazing story about Jerry, Rick Simpson oil for sale and Prostate cancer that was stopped. Changes in lifestyle coupled with technological advancements have subjected humans to quite a number of health complications. Nowadays, a day doesn't pass by without us coming across a person suffering from health problems that were incurred by lifestyle changes. One such medical condition is Prostate Cancer, characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells inside the male prostate gland. Prostate cancer isn't kind by any definition - patients go through a whole host of adverse signs and suffer from symptoms. It all begins when the prostate starts to engorge and thus affect the normal functioning of a patient’s Urethra. Then the patient will experience symptoms that include frequent urination, pain during urination or ejaculation, reduced pressure when urinating - just to name a few This is the point of no return - if you want to get rid of cancer-consuming your biological system, the only solution is to seek medical attention.

    The first step to recovery is the proper diagnosis of the Prostate Cancer which is usually done by subjection to special tests.

    Most doctors make a diagnosis by a physical test, a blood test, and a biopsy. The most telling of the tests is the physical test where the doctor measures the size of a patient’s prostate gland to check whether there is overgrowth. On the other hand, a blood test or Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test, will check the prostate antigen’s quality. Last but not least, is biopsy which involves taking a sample of the prostate tissue for further examinations in a laboratory.

    After diagnosis begins the ordeal of taking the treatment to kill those malignant, multiplying cells. Treatment often involves chemotherapy which in turn isn't only extortionate but also metes out horrendous side-effects. So, it's not particularly surprising to find Prostate Cancer patients looking for alternative medicine to redress their affliction. In that case, the famous Rick Simpson Oil has proven to provide a remedy for prostate cancer and the demand for it is growing steadily.

    Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Treatment

    It's noteworthy that Prostate Cancer can be easily handled when the accurate diagnosis is made during its early stage and treatment, promptly applied. It's not only medically advised but also sensible for a patient to avoid excessive junk food and alcohol, and never smoke. These only lead to the rapid development of cancer. The doctor may recommend surgery or radiotherapy if the cancer is very severe or aggressive and those treatments don't come by cheap. This is where Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) protocol comes in as a viable and effective option. This oil is currently helping many Prostate Cancer patients live a normal life without having to worry about their medical situation.

    RSO is a product developed by Rick Simpson, a Canadian medical marijuana activist. The product is manufactured using Cannabis oil although it has a higher level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This high concentration makes it different from other cannabis oils as they contain cannabidiol (CBD).

    You may find the immense cancer-fighting efficacy that Rick Simpson oil has on your body unbelievable. However, for one Jerry, a 75-year-old from Oregon, RSO has proven to be the main reason as to why he is still alive and living well. Jerry was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer after going through a difficult time with intimacy and urinating. After visiting the ER, the Urologist emphasized that he makes use of Chemotherapy if he was to stand a chance.

    Jerry carefully examined the advantages and disadvantages of Chemotherapy but was still not satisfied.

    This is because he was not ready to face side effects such as hair and fingernail loss, vomiting, tiredness, and loss of appetite as well as the crippling of the immune system. Luckily, Jerry's wife had other things in mind after learning about RSO from a friend many years ago. She immediately introduced Jerry to this treatment and the rest is history.

    After starting the treatment, Jerry's Prostate-Specific Antigen, acronym, PSA dropped to 3.0 from 650 within the first 3 months of using RSO treatment. At the moment, Jerry's PSA is now 0.2 after relying on RSO for close to 10 months. He is now able to live a normal life since his energy levels have gone up - yet he is 75 years old. He jogs and works in his own cabin - living a completely healthy lifestyle many of us would be envious of. Even doctors are perplexed at how his life has completely changed considering he was not even able to perform his basic day to day activities without assistance.

    Rick Simpson Dosage

    RSO is mostly used as an alternative medication for treating cancer along with other health afflictions like inflammation, Asthma, and multiple sclerosis. Dosage is critical to reaping the full benefits of RSO. This is mainly because it has been manufactured using a solvent in order to break the cannabis into a highly concentrated form. It is strongly advised that you talk to a specialist before you start using RSO to treat prostate cancer.

    Subsequently, after obtaining the green light from your doctor, you can opt to go with Simpson’s dose of 60 grams RSO over a period of 90 days. This dose is usually administered in different segments - you will be required to take about ¼ drop of RSO thrice during the first week. From the 2nd -5th week, you will have to double up the dose until you are able to take one gram of RSO per day. You can then start taking one gram per day until you are done with 60 grams over the 90 days period. With this dose of RSO, you will be able to regain your normal life without encountering any negative side effects as is the case with other cancer treatment methods.

    Where to Buy Rick Simpson Oil?

    Rick Simpson Oil for Sale is available online or your local dispensary store.

    RSO oil is friendly to your wallet, nowhere near as expensive as other treatment methods like Radiotherapy and surgery. In addition to not burning a hole in your wallet, you will not have to worry about losing your hair and have your life's freedom cut down as is the case in cancer patients who decide to use Chemotherapy with RSO.

    Jerry's story is just an example of what RSO oil can do to Prostate Cancer patients. Many testimonials from patients have also reported positive results after using RSO protocol. With RSO, patients just like Jerry can now lead a normal life and enjoy every moment of it without having to worry about the pain that comes with cancer, learn more about Jerry’s amazing RSO oil prostate cancer story.

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