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    Posted on Jul 16, 2016

    13 Of The Derpiest Cats You've Ever Seen

    Cats can make some of the most outrageous faces. These facial expressions are known in the social media world as "derps." Can you make it through this post without laughing?

    The "I Just Ate Bacon" Derp

    The "Sleepy" Derp

    The "Huh" Derp

    The "Tongue Out" Derp

    The "Zombie" Derp

    The "Who Dat" Derp

    The "Vampire" Derp

    The "Pissed Off" Derp

    The "Can I Haz?" Derp

    The "Fat Face" Derp

    The "Handsome" Derp

    The "I'm in a Box" Derp

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