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Chrissy Teigen Said She Was Left “Spiraling” After A DNA Test Revealed She Had A Long-Lost Identical Twin

“At this point, I'm making excuses for my whole life. I'm like, ‘This is why I'm so codependent, because my twin was ripped away from me!’”

Chrissy Teigen got quite the shock over the weekend after stumbling on a surprising revelation in her family tree.

In a video posted to Instagram on Sunday, Chrissy recalled her “insane” past 24 hours, dropping the bombshell that she recently discovered via a DNA test that she has a long-lost identical twin. But, there’s a little bit more to the story than meets the eye.

So, as part of her “health and wellness” journey, Chrissy explained in her video that she decided to look into her ancestry using a 23andMe home genetic testing kit.

“I paid for some of the upgrades and the first thing that came up after I found out that I was part neanderthal, was this: Identical twin,” she said in the clip, showing behind her the family tree that indicates a mystery sibling with the initials BB. “That has to be a joke, right?”

Taken aback by the results — which said she and the person shared “100%” of the same DNA — Chrissy started by reaching out to her supposed twin through 23andMe, but got no reply. After this, she sent a message to the website's support team, but was only met with an automated response.

By this point, she said she was “spiraling,” so, as well as texting her doctor, she decided to get answers straight from the source — her parents.

“I'm literally saying, ‘Dad, hey, did you see come out of mom's vagina and were there two of me?’ she said of their bizarre phone call. “He starts laughing, saying ‘No, I was there, there are not two of you!’ I was like, ‘Are you sure you were there?’”

She added: “At this point, I'm making excuses for my whole life. I'm like, ‘This is why I'm so codependent, because my twin was ripped away from me! This is why I always felt something missing and this is why I have addiction issues’... I'm like, literally, 'Holy fuck!’”

So, after her dad’s response failed to provide clarity, Chrissy turned to her sister, Tina, who was thankfully able to shed some much needed light on the situation by reminding her of a previous DNA test she’d taken under a “secret name.”

After all that, it turned out that she’d once been set to appear on an episode of the PBS documentary series, Finding Your Roots, which required her to take a DNA test in preparation.

And though the episode was never completed, the results remained on 23AndMe under the pseudonym, meaning present day Chrissy wound up being paired with them.

“My identical twin was myself,” she said. “I was matching myself.”

In true Chrissy style, she made light of the traumatic experience by commemorating her short-lived “Sissy Teigen” with a makeshift tombstone.

You can relive the drama by watching Chrissy’s full video here.