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  • Help Save 3 Year Old Eliza

    Eliza O’Neill is a happy, active, beautiful four year old. But her parents, Cara and Glenn O’Neill told the Daily News that within months Eliza’s body and mind will deteriorate and she will be unable to speak or walk due to an extremely rare disease called Sanfilippo syndrome. The family is in a desperate race against time to raise enough money to fund a clinical trial for the cure before it’s too late. Please watch this heartbreaking video and then help get the word out so Eliza and other children with this genetic defect can be spared from this terrible fate. There is a cure! Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/family-save-4-year-old-daughter-life-viral-video-article-1.1743244#ixzz2yDtJ9XHH

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