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    19 Unique Bath Bombs That'll Make You Feel So Damn Relaxed

    ♫ Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath ♫

    1. Unicorn Poo Bubble Bath Cupcake

    Jo-Jo Bean's Bath Treats / Via

    Unicorn + sparkles + rainbow + poo = fruity cereal scented bath bomb! Doesn't get much more majestic and magical than this.

    Grab it for $10.00 here.

    2. Beverly Hills Bath Bomb

    Alexis Clare / Via

    This bath bomb was inspired by the '90s and "creates a California sunset in your bath tub." YAAASS!

    Relive the wonder years for $7.50 here.

    3. Gypsy Bomb

    Bathhouse Soapery and Caldarium / Via

    Release your inner free spirit with this bohemian-themed bath bomb.

    * cue Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy" *

    "See your gypsy" for $6.00 here.

    4. Strawberries and Champagne Ring Bath Bomb

    Pearl Bath Bombs / Via

    Not only do you get to smell pretty, you also get some sterling silver ring bling! 👀💍

    Get it for $14.94 here.

    5. Lavender Love Cupcake Bath Bomb with Fizzy Frosting

    FizzButter Bath Bakery / Via

    Lavender and vanilla... the best scent combo in the world, tbh. Also, the fizzy frosting may fizzle and foam into lavender-colored bubbles!

    Buy this relaxation fizzycake for $6.29 here.

    6. Detoxify Your Mind Bath Bomb

    Deidra Wilson / Via!online-store/c1zhr/!/Detoxify-Your-Mind-Bath-Bomb/p/45292685/category=11682618

    Who doesn't want a mind detox after a long, stressful week? This bomb's scent will transport your mind to the summertime sunshine.

    You can get it for $6.00 here.

    7. Earth Bath Bomb

    Moon's Harvest / Via

    This earthy bath bomb will bring out your inner tree hugger with some floral, earthy scents. 😍

    Feel like mother nature and get it for $3.99 here.

    8. Graveyard Bath Bomb

    Witch Baby Soap / Via

    This macabre bath bomb is for all the living dead out there who need some rejuvenation! Maybe put on some Rob Zombie to really set the mood.

    Unleash your inner dark prince or princess for $8.00 here.

    9. Eucalyptus and Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb

    Buck Naked Soap Company / Via!product/prd15/3102449941/eucalyptus-%26-himalayan-salt-bath-bomb

    These bath bombs will set the mood for an out-of-this-world experience, and 1% of their profits are donated to the World Wildlife Foundation!

    Grab it for $4.19 here.

    10. Margarita Bath Fizzler

    Bath Vibes / Via

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? Drink a margarita with margarita-scented bath water... sounds wild, but also sounds right.

    Grab it for $4.95 here.

    11. "Man Grenade" Blaster Bath Bomb

    Bomb Cosmetics / Via

    It will leave a mind-blowing scent of black pepper and rosemary!

    Grab it for $3.92 here.

    12. Hawaiian Lei Bath Ice Cream

    Me! Bath / Via

    Evoke a magical Hawaiian vacation right in the comfort of your bathtub. Put on some ukulele music and relax with whiffs of plumeria and freesia.

    Experience this mini holiday for your bath for $5.59 here.

    13. Peppermint Fish Bath Fizzies

    Bath Ever After / Via

    Candy-cane scented bath water — can I get a "whoop whoop?!" And how can you resist when they are shaped like cute lil fishies?

    Make your bathtub into a giant fishbowl for $4.00 here.

    14. Aussie Bomb

    Bathorium / Via

    This pretty pink bomb is great for all the yoga and workout enthusiasts, because its magical formula (with Australian-sourced tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil) penetrates muscle tissue to calm achy muscles!

    Get physical, and then get ~fizzical~ for $9.95 here.

    15. Bubble Bath Pops

    Bebe Bath Products / Via

    To eat, or not to eat? These indulgent cake pops are strictly for the bath, but they look DELICIOUS.

    Get yours for $5.00 ~a pop~ here.

    16. Midnight Sparkle Hidden Prize Bath Bomb

    Imperial Candles / Via

    You will feel like a beautiful bejeweled mermaid with this bath bomb, because you randomly get a necklace, ring, or pendant once it fizzles out! Yay for hidden bath gems!

    Experience the magic for @20.97 here.

    17. Sparkling Yuzu Cupcake Bath Bomb

    Eleodia / Via

    This looks like a beautiful cup of froyo, but it's actually a bath cupcake (not for consumption, unfortunately).

    Splurge without the calories for $10.00 here.

    18. Froot Loops Bath Bomb

    Bathing Buff / Via

    Can we just admire how colorful these bombs are? They're GORGEOUS, and will leave your skin feelin' silky soft.

    Turn your bath into a giant bowl of cereal (not for consumption) for $5.00 here. Nice.

    19. And, of course, Pokébombs

    Stephanie Miller / Via

    For kids and adults... (~kidults~) — because everyone loves Pokémon! Set forth, and catch 'em all, one bath at a time!

    Catch 'em all for $5.00 apiece here.

    Keep calm and bathe on.

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