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    19 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Summer Camp Leader

    Don't make us use our teacher voices.

    1. Most of your children are hypochondriacs.

    Fisher Stephens

    "It was my left knee I hurt. No, wait, it was my right. I do need a cold compress, honest. Can I just sit here with you for a while until it feels better?"

    2. We throw away any artwork that the children give us.

    3. Making friendship bracelets comes really easily to kids, but is weirdly hard if you're a grown up.

    4. But we are very good at cat's cradles, yo-yos, scoobies, and loom bands.

    5. It takes us roughly 30 minutes to learn that privacy isn't really a thing at summer camps.

    Walt Disney Studios

    Forget texting, sneaky snacks, or any peace and quiet. Even going to the toilet alone isn't a given at camp.

    6. And walking around with children clinging to every part of our bodies soon becomes totally normal.

    7. When it comes to team games, the kids always gang up on us.

    8. But that just makes us become hugely competitive.


    Those little tikes wanna take you on? BRING IT.

    9. There is no job on earth as boring as filling out an accident form.

    10. Even once we get home, it takes us a while to stop using our child-friendly voices.


    You: "Now then, sweetheart, would you like to chop the vegetables up for dinner? Be careful with the knife, it's very sharp. That's it, well done, very good!"

    11. We hate watching the shows your kids put on.

    Warner Bros / Via

    Is that the end? Oh, no, wait. It's not. How about now?

    12. And we're pretty convinced we're never going to get the Frozen soundtrack out of our heads.

    Walt Disney

    Elsa and Anna have a lot to answer for.

    13. We suffer from extreme lunchbox envy.

    14. We can turn literally anything into a game.

    15. And the messier the game is, the more we actually enjoy it.

    16. We own more fancy dress outfits than we care to admit.

    Ella Dove / BuzzFeed

    It's totally normal to go to work dressed as a High School Musical cheerleader or a lion, right?

    17. Giving children sweets makes them even more lively than you thought they could possibly be.

    18. But giving them yoghurts is even worse.

    19. And by the end of summer, we couldn't be more excited about seeing their parents.

    Walt Disney / Via

    We've had a laugh, but we're bloody knackered. So long, kids.

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