Sharks are the best and we love them. We give them a whole week! But they deserve more and here’s why!

1. Sharks love seals

2. Like, really love them! Be glad you are not a seal!

3. Sharks are beautiful!

4. Sharks are mysterious

5. Sharks are majestic…

6. Sharks are smooth

7. Sharks take no crap from anyone

8. Even tiny sharks are tough!

9. They can be cuddly!

10. They can sneak up on their prey like silent ninjas of the sea

11. They’re curious!

12. Sharks are good at showing off!

13. And they’re REALLY good at being SUPER SCARY

14. And sometimes… Sharks can be dicks

15. Now curl up with the pizza you ordered just for yourself and catch up on last years shark week, because this one is soon approaching!


Check out the best new thing to happen to sharks since that island with all the baby seals on it!

FRENZY! A new illustrated shark novel from BLAM! Ventures and featuring some of the most talented and sought-after artists of today!

Do you like sharks? Or comics? Or books? Or bloodshed? Then FRENZY is for you! You have until August 30th to help fuel the frenzy!!!

Click the photo for more info!

17. What are you waiting for??

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