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Romantic Gestures To Show Love To Your Partner On Valentine’s Day.

Often we find ourselves confused about making the Valentine’s Day a special occasion for our loved ones but end up doing the same clichéd things every year. So, on this love occasion, we bring you some really amazing romantic ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your hearts which you and your partner will treasure for years to come.

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Cook Together:

It doesn’t matter if you both are not good at recipes, but trust us, no romantic gesture can match the feeling of having a meal of your favorite recipe prepared by your better-half. And feeding it to each other would add an extra sense of pleasure as a bonus! Serve your food in one of the Waterford’s masterpiece creations to blend in with the occasion.

Reminiscing your wedding day moments with dressing up in your wedding outfits could be a perfect idea to make your Valentine memorable. Click pictures together or add a little romantic flavor by performing a romantic Waltz together.

Sing a Duet Together

When is the last time you gave them a compliment? Believe us, the best way you can complement your partner is to sing his/her favorite song.

Select a list of songs from each other’s favorite playlist and sing your heart out in a way they can’t help but fall in love all over again.

Pour a Glass of Drink:

Set up the mood by making each other a glass of wine and share romantic talks while sitting under the sky filled up with the starts. Once you both are high, you will get to feel each other’s closeness and definitely would be a romantic moment you both will enjoy. It is important to choose a premium glassware like Waterford’s Presage as cheap wine glasses might kill the mood.

Set Up a Candle Light Dinner at Your Place

Setting up a romantic dinner date at your place away from restaurant’s hustle and bustle would be an incredible idea. Setting up your dinner table is the key. You must have all the right pieces at right proportions. It would be always great to go with dark colored plates like the Gordon Ramsay’s because your food will look pleasingly delightful in them. Make the ambiance dulcet by lighting up the candles around your dining table and embrace the intimacy with your partner with relish.

Go On a Romantic Walk Together

When it comes to showing romantic gestures, a walk with your partner holding their hands never gets out of date. It is a proven fact that you would likely to share your deepest of secrets and feelings with your partner while you share intimacy together.

Paint a Wall together

Seldom you get a chance to play with colors with your partner. And its hell of a romantic joyride you both will love to be indulged in. Paint a wall in your house with random colors and make this Valentine a colorful experience.

Help Grooming Each Other

Little things matter. Yes, we mean it. Instead of buying them expensive gifts and bunch of futile flowers, a little gesture can do them all to make your loving one go in awe of you.

Help your partner in getting dressed up after having a shower together. Here is the bonus point for guys- women love it when their men paint their nail by himself.

Watch a Movie Together

Remember that romantic movie you both went together for the first time? Revive those beautiful memories of your first date again. Rent a DVD and sit back relaxed with your partner holding each other’s hand and relish those magical experiences all over again.


Show these little gestures this Valentine and imprint these memories in your loved one’s heart. This romantic season, fall in love again. For romantic valentine gift ideas visit Lijo Decor's Valentine Collection.

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