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Top 10 Gifts For 7 Year Old Kids

Searching for the perfect gift to surprise your kid? Most of us have been through this situation at least for once in our life. We do really know the frustrated feeling when we spend over an hour in a toy store and end up buying nothing. So we decided to sort out this situation. Picking gifts are really important but choosing the relevant ones are more important. Age is a factor you must keep a note on. You can’t gift a million dollar car to a 7 year old kid right? Moreover the gift you decide should be entertaining and at the same time educational too. Here are a few of our favorite picks: -

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We all are familiar with this brand (If not try the Lego Movie). This could be the greatest invention our mankind has ever made. These simple plastic building blocks are so addictive entertaining and educational too. With these sets your kids have the opportunity to express his creativity to you. What if your kid grew up to be ’Tony Stark’, who knows!!!

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To trigger out the athlete residing in your kid’s body you can gift him/her a football or a soccer ball. This could be really a turning point for them and you too. Play ball along with them to amplify and strengthen your bond. Thank us if your kid turns out to be the new CR7 or Kelly Griffin.

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If you are planning something more hardcore for your kids nerf guns can be the perfect pick. Your kids would love it for sure (but beware of the ambushed bullet strikes).

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A mini bike can make you the best dad or mom of the century; at least that’s what your kids will think. Make sure you pick out the bikes knowing your kid’s favorite color.

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The list is about to get serious now. Want to give your kids a taste of spy stuffs? Gift them a pair of walkie talkie and see how your kids turns out to be CIA agents. Join them in their silly adventures and communicate through the walkie talkie for a memorable experience.

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The 1967’s ‘Game of the Year’can definitely is the gift that would kick starts the fun in your kids. This is a perfect time killer for both you and your kids and also a channel to build up your bond with kids.

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If you are a fan of dodge ball, your kid will love the Active Dodge Tag. It is a wearable air-mesh vest that has bull’s eye design in center. Just like the normal game play, kids will wear this and will attempt to hit the target while at the same time dodge the ball. This would be a good outdoor sport and will be fun filled all the way.

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Found out your kid is also a motor head just like you. We have the perfect stuff to gift your kid. ‘The Hot Wheels’… Fire up the race track and burn some rubber. The tracks along with the set would be jumbled allowing your kids to create their own one. Make the track more interesting by placing random stuffs and have rival matches with your kids. ‘Worth every penny’!!!

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This is a simple gift but a memorable and special one which your kids will love. This will allow them a chance to have their own personal photo frame. This fine wooden frame with chasing arrow texture will definitely be a special gift that you can give your kid.

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Toys are very important in the growth and development of children. A young child may start playing with very simple toys that help facilitate the development of his or her fundamental psychomotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. So make sure you pick out the gifts wisely.

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