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    • eljeran

      I would actually like to see Betty embrace the hippy scene. somebody has to. I would love it if betty woke up one day decided to hit a yoga class or something, met some guru, or Timothy Leary himself, drops some acid, and just escapes to San Fran. grows her hair long and lives on a commune with the Krishnas or something. Of all the characters who would be in need of and looking for a spiritual shift it would be Betty. She is definately unhappy.

    • eljeran

      isn’t personal and Jessica isagreat actress but the show is MAD MEN not Melrose Place. Don is self absorbed, self obsessed, hedonist. This is the showIstarted watching, this is the fascinating character that was created. Watching him destroy himself by his own ego was brilliant and not something you ever see onatv show. But when he married Megan it all came toascreetching halt. Every single episode was “look at how wonderful Megan is” and all the other characters were gone. No Joan, no Peggy. Everything that made the show brilliant just disappeared. And making it look as though Betty is this horrible person that caused Don to be what he was?Idon’t buy it.Ithink Betty was probably just as lovely and perfect as Megan, but Dons selfishness and lack of interest in his family drove her to be cold and materialistic. It created alot of “second/younger wives are better” buzz in the twittersphere. Not cool.Iwant to see Don Draper be Don Draper! not Pa Ingalls. he barely even drank last season. And as far as Megan’s character…. She acts as though she is above commercialism, she claims to hate it. Yet she has no problem being onacommercial and living the lifestyle that commercialism provides her. She is definatelyahypocrite.

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