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    16 Times Club Penguin Perfectly Summed Up Being A College Student

    Life would be so much easier as a virtual penguin.

    1. When you give up on looking presentable after the second week:

    2. Starting a huge project the night before it's due:

    3. Attempting to find a part-time job after spending $800 on textbooks.

    4. After paying your tuition:

    5. Trying to get your room to look Tumblr-perfect:

    6. Being the only single person in your group of friends:

    7. When you go to a party and see fuckbois for miles.

    8. Ordering food at 3 A.M. to satisfy your unique drunk cravings:

    9. When you go to a campus-hosted party and the administration tries too hard:

    10. Trying to find a seat in the library during finals week:

    11. When your school offers hundreds of way to get involved but literally nothing is free:

    12. When it hits you that eating ramen for every meal isn't as satisfying as it sounded at first.

    13. Rushing to class and getting stuck behind a group of slow walkers.

    14. Going from 0 to 100 real quick to look hot for a night out:

    15. When the saying "you are what you eat" finally starts to make sense.

    16. And getting stuck doing all the work for a group project: