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    • elizabethv13

      I loved the series in elementary, but when I tried to read it again as an adult, I got really, really annoyed by the genetically evil species and genetically good species. Made for bad characterization in the later books. The first books (Redwall and Mattimeo) were awesome - you had moral ambiguity, angsty teens, people who didn’t know who to trust, but later books made the good guys Super Obviously Good and the bad guys Super Obviously Bad with ANY ambiguous characters extremely rare. I mean Veil in “Outcast of Redwall” was raised by LITERALLY the nicest animals around and he turns into a poisoner? Oh right, because he’s a ferret. So he’ll turn out evil regardless. Carry on. Also in Taggarung, I thought we’d get a bad-ass otter rebel, but oh right, he’s an otter, so naturally good, no actual conflict with his adopted rat dad (who IMMEDIATELY decides to murder him after ONE argument) because rats are naturally evil. And then Tag decides to become nice and get all his tats removed because Reasons. I’m sorry, no paternal rat-feelings? No conflict at all? LAZY.

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