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Cual IES Celebridad Eres Tú????

Please Chispi Please Chispi

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  1. Where can you be found on a Saturday night?

    Jamming out to lyricstraining
    Trimming every one of your hairs to exactly the same length (every week)
    Updating something weird to my instagram story
    Taking care of all my drunk and stupid friends
    Dancing it up at Kapital
    In a library trying to research for my doctoral as a hundred girls (@Colleen) swoon around me
    At a local café with all my friends
  2. What is your spirit animal?

    A flamingo
    A baby monkey
    An angel tbh
    A sexy fox
    The mother hen
    Sid from Ice Age
    A gopher
  3. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

    Getting my PDH and/or a modeling contract
    The right hand man in a business
    I'll have at least 4 secretaries working for me
    On dancing with the stars
    Director of everything
    Honestly I don't even know what I'm doing right now let alone in 10 years
  4. Pick a tapa

    Can't pick just one, I'm getting all of them
    Jamón y queso
  5. What is your ideal date?

    Una noche en mi coche ;)
    A walk in the heart of the city
    Hitting the clubs
    You listening to me lecture
    Something cultural and romantic
    idc as long as it doesn't involve breaking a 1000 euro mirror
    Dancing at a jazz concert a la La La Land
  6. Giant insects are attacking the metro. What do you do?

    Remain calm and call emergency services
    Stomp my feet and clap really loudly and hope it scares them
    Stand there in shock
    Hope it doesn't ruin my perfect hair that I styled this morning
    Yell "Joder!" and then run for my life
    Lead people to safety
    Teach those bugs a lesson. Fear the power.
  7. Someone is grabbing your wallet on the metro, how do you respond?

    Good one. I'm the one grabbing the wallet.
    I wouldn't even notice. I'm too busy talking.
    I'd punch the guy.
    Stomp on his foot with my high flamenco heels
    Hit him with my purse. And then teach this boy some manners.
    Shout and make a scene
    Oh please, my wallet is padlocked to me.

Cual IES Celebridad Eres Tú????

You got: Ángel

Felicidades! You're the rey de IES Abroad. You have flawless silver fox hair (styled impeccably once a week at a Salon). You run around threatening everyone unless they speak in solo Español and you sometimes steal peoples wallets. But only to teach those fools a lesson.

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You got: Yolanda

The Mama hen of IES, you're the one everyone calls in a crisis. You have mad style and are always there to help. Great job having your shit together, we're unable to roast you about much else.

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You got: Chispi

Que bueno! Eres Chispi ;) You're saucy, sensual, and suave. You're the girl everyone wants to be and there should be a spotlight following you at all times. Although you're a little too confident that people can look as good as you doing Flamenco (cough cough Kiddest) you whipped us all into shape.

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You got: Juana

You're the darn cutest old lady to ever walk the planet. You were definitely a Flamenco dancer in a former life with all your hand waving. You are sometimes a little too obsessed with history but hey, it paid off - you have three frickin secretaries!!! We're so sorry we sometimes forgot the difference between the Neptuno and the Apolo fuentes, thanks for giving us the answers on the midterm anyway!!

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You got: Juanma

LOLZ. You're Juanma!! You're objectively the weirdest member of IES Madrid and you post insta stories at least 4 times a day. You never stop talking and aren't afraid to ask the real questions (how does one insert drugs up one's butt). Hope you found your lost peanut.

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You got: Ana Martín

Uau!! You're Ana Martín, the cutest member of IES Abroad. You can be found watching (and rewatching) La La Land, telling stories about your daughter, singing Despacito on Lyricstraining (your favorite website), or roasting Samito (your favorite student). You can never figure out how to pronounce English words (Shrek? What kind of word is that?) but it's fine because you're adorable and the best teacher we ever had. Keep being you <3

Ana Martín
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You got: The Hot Presenter

You're hot and intelligent. Need we say more? Hope not cuz we don't know anything else about you.

The Hot Presenter
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