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Everyday Sucky Things About Being Schizophrenic


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The whole “coming out” process

Having to decide if this person is trustworthy/close enough, planning the perfect timing, the realization that this knowledge may cause this person to leave forever...

(And when in the world is the right time to tell someone who you're dating?!?)

Constantly having to answer “so you have multiple personalities?”

Fun fact: The origin of this fallacy is because schizo = split....from reality, not actual personalities (that disorder is DID: Disassociative Identity Disorder)

Having to frequently double check if anyone else hears that music playing

Or worse, being alone and having no clue.

Not being able to watch any scary movies

Trust me, I'm no fun after a night of horror flicks

Or being punished even if you stick with things as tame as Lifetime

Why do the trailers for scary movies have to be that scary too???

Stupid audio triggers like fans or dishwashers

I seriously shouldn't be annoyed by voices for hours for wanting to be cool in the summer or wanting something to eat off of.



Hearing the “dangers of psychiatric drugs” constantly

while knowing they probably saved your life

Or worse, seeing people claim magic “cures"

Or even WORSE saying you can just pray it out. Cool, I guess I just don't believe in God enough to make my brain disappear overnight.

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