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    Literally Just Hilarious Tweets That Prove Jordan Pickford Must Be Protected At All Costs

    "Pickford done more for this country than Theresa May."

    Right, let me bring you up to speed: Today England beat Sweden 2–0 to progress to the semifinals of the World Cup. It's the furthest they've got in 28 years.

    Our first #WorldCup semi-final since 1990. 😀 #threelions

    It's fair to say the team performed pretty well, but there was one man who really won the nation's hearts: England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who was named the official man of the match after making several gravity-defying saves.

    The @Budweiser #ManoftheMatch for #SWEENG is @England's goalkeeper @JPickford1! #WorldCup

    People are just loving how he stops balls dead in their tracks.

    Pickford stopping goals like #ENGSWE #WorldCup #ENG

    Pickford keeping that header out .... #ENGSWE

    The Great Wall of England that is Pickford .... #ENGSWE

    No one was more impressed than Ross Kemp.

    People think Pickford is the hero we need right now.

    Pickford done more for this country than Theresa May

    Somebody hand Jordan Pickford the NHS as he will probably save that too. #ENGSWE

    jordan pickford could’ve saved the titanic

    He's magical.

    Pickford proving to be one of best keepers in #WorldCup18 #ENGSWE Go, go gadget arms!

    WHAT. A. LAD.

    Can’t believe Pickford is an anagram of absolutely top lad. #ENGSWE

    Basically, we need more Pickfords.

    Pickford. I will have your babies. I will find a way. #ENGSWE