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    19 Tweets You'll Totally Get If You Google Your Symptoms

    "WebMD would be more accurate if every search result diagnosed you as a hypochondriac."


    when you're sick and you google your symptoms and it tells you you've got five different diseases, you're pregnant…


    me: don’t google your symptoms bc it will just give you more anxiety also me: well i have the black plague and 14 tropical diseases


    Me: hey what's this weird lump? WebMD: could be cancer. Me: it's a raisin stuck to my elbow... WebMD: you have two weeks.


    When your ill and you google your symptoms


    He died doing what he loved: typing his symptoms into WebMD instead of going to the doctor


    When you google your symptoms and your friends think you're nuts.🙄


    Here's a pro tip, don't google your symptoms when you're ill, makes you start thinking about what song they're going to play at your funeral


    *feels like body's heating up *searches in Google for related symptoms *sees symptoms are under a serious disease


    Me: ok brain, it's bedtime, goodnight Brain: yep. Brain:... Me:.... Brain: WAIT! Why does your armpit feel weird? GOOGLE LYMPHOMA SYMPTOMS!


    omg my bottom teeth are aching so bad , time to search up my symptoms on Google


    Today WebMD diagnosed me with mono, a brain tumor, and panic disorder. Can't decide which one I'm going to go with. #hypochondriacproblems


    Why would I pay to go see a doctor when I already pay $40 a month for wifi and can just google my symptoms?


    #c19th equivalent of “don’t google your symptoms”. We have always had the WebMD effect! #ecrchat #histmed…


    self diagnosing via the internet: >you have cancer >you're pregnant >read symptoms you don't have, suddenly start having said symptoms


    #IfDoctorsWereLikeWebMD You get a cancer! You get a cancer! Everyone gets cancer!!!


    [types symptoms into WebMD] WebMD: Eww. Gross.


    Me: I know exactly what's wrong with me, Doctor. Dr: I told you no Google. You Googled, didn't you? Me: NO! Dr: Me: One TINY Google.


    WebMD would be more accurate if every search result diagnosed you as a hypochondriac.


    I accidentally typed my symptoms into IMDB instead of WebMD and it told me I have Gary Busey.

    But, seriously, if you're really feeling ill, see a real doctor.👀