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    • elizabethm43

      Honestly,Ithink that as soon as someone says “I don’t agree with gay marriage” they’re branded as idiots, and that’s not necessarily fair.Idon’t. ButIdon’t always believe in straight marriage, either.  Gay people deserve the same rights as straight people, but the sticking point for many is religion. IMO, everyone, gay or straight, should only be grantedaUNION from the government with all the same legalities which currently exist in marriages granted by the government. If they want to then participate inaMARRIAGE, i.e., have their union sanctified by their religion, then that should be taken up with the place of worship.Idon’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with being religious, but the government should remove itself from these things which are rooted in both religion and law and figure outaway to protect all its citizens.

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