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    • elizabethm102

      StazzyBoo ….. maybe having best friends like you who put up with that kind of shameful behavior is an encouragement. You choose not to date them… but hasn’t your friend(s) proved that he doesn’t have a very strong ethical code, doesn’t respect women, and these guys are probably friends with you because you have no respect for yourself, and no standards that you hold you friends to. They can be their sleazy selves around you.If cheating is accepted by the best friends, how can these horrible cheaters ever learn from their mistakes and stop hurting people? You are pretty much laughing at these women who don’t know they have been cheated on, but YOU DO. Stop being a coward, we have to protect one another. One day you will be one of those girls being cheated on unknowingly, and you will wish there was stronger person to look out for you, not the cheater.

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