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Which Tips Make Planning A Wedding Way Easier?

Tell us all the weird, unexpected, super-smart stuff you did to plan with ease!

Saying yes to the ring (and your person) is just the first of many decisions to make before you walk down that aisle.

But you know that after you take a breather from celebrating, you did some planning. Like, A LOT of planning.

Perhaps you've been through this more than once -- or just feel like it -- and are an even better position to bestow some wisdom on the clueless, engaged people of the world.

So we gotta know: How did you plan your wedding without losing your cool...or your partner?

Like, can you tell your cousin that he can't be the wedding singer at your reception without hurting his feelings?

Or, how do you make it easy for guests to find your registry and wedding website?

And how do you curate the perfect lineup of bridesmaids without getting murdered in your sleep?

Add your clever wedding planning ideas below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!