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29 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Anyone Who's Getting Married Will Actually Love

So you won't have to sell a kidney to buy them that fancy stand mixer.

Editor's note: If the couple you're shopping for has a registry, you should probably check that first.

Going off registry when you're shopping for wedding stuff can be a gamble...they put the things they wanted on there for a reason, and if you happen to get something similar to what's already on the list, they might end up with unwanted doubles.

But if you know the couple well, you want to be creative or frugal, or they don't have a registry at all, we've got lots of creative options that will make almost any couple a little Happier Ever After!

1. A couples-friendly floating swan that's perf for a tropical honeymoon or lazy summer afternoons.

2. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe china they'll use on the reg.

3. A plunger-style measuring cup to portion out sticky ingredients without spending precious food-prep time scraping them out.

4. A dozen sturdy AF Old-Fashioned glasses that cost about as much as the actual cocktail at a nice restaurant.

5. A Blue Bottle Coffee subscription so they'll never run out of the good stuff while trying their hand at all the new coffee gadgets on their registry.

6. And a quick, compact coffee grinder to turn whole beans into ground coffee in a snap.

7. A framed photo that captures their true love.

8. A camera lens attachment for getting that detailed safari shot via a smart phone.

9. A Shaker & Spoon subscription for expanding their "grown-up" cocktail palate beyond Crystal Light and vodka.

10. A packing cube set for sharing a suitcase and saving on baggage fees.

11. A versatile vinyl-storage rack for flipping through their newly joined music collection.

12. A sassy welcome mat for sweethearts who'd rather not be disturbed.

13. A stock-the-bar gift set so their brand-new bar cart won't be lonely.

14. A portable hammock primed for optimal outdoor snuggling.

15. A washable baguette bag perf for the gluten-adoring couple.

16. A 65-piece tool set with every basic item they could desire.

17. A folding cutting board so all their chopped veggies'll actually land in the skillet.

18. A quarterly PlowBox packed with organic seeds and gardening gifts for amping up the curb appeal at their new digs.

19. A personalized pillow that you can sneakily order using their engagement pics or pics you sourced from social media.

20. A rapid egg cooker because they won't think they need it but they'll be glad they own one.

21. A trio of indie bourbons for the folks who are complete booze snobs but you still love them for it.

22. A quilted-fleece heated blanket for nights in spending "quality time" together.

23. A pan-organizer rack to protect the nonstick coatings on all the pans listed on their registry.

24. An Echo Dot for doing everyday things like playing music, controlling smart home devices, learning the weather forecast, and more by simply asking Alexa.

25. And an Amazon Fire TV Stick that also uses Alexa so they can easily stream all their combined app logins for hands-free entertainment.

26. A Brie baking dish because this cheese deserves its own dish.

27. A cube surge protector with two USB ports and four outlets, so they won't be tripping on wires.

28. A breakfast sandwich maker built for two.

29. And finally, some Domino's for when they don't feel like cooking.

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