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19 Ways To Make Your Tiny House Feel Like A Mansion

Let's be honest, not everyone is built for minimalism... even in a small place!

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4. Look for extra seating that you can use on the reg in other ways, like throw pillows that serve as pouffs and garden stools you can use as side tables.,

You and I both know that you don't even have room for a card table and foldable chairs.

Get the throw pillow from Target for $23.99 and garden stool from Amazon for $62.96+ (four colors).

5. Harness the room-enlarging ability of natural light and hang some sculptural wall art with an interesting mirror.

Seriously, people have been using mirrors to make everything look brighter since before electricity was a thing.

Get it from Wayfair for $165.99.


9. Send bar carts and kitchen carts friend requests because they'll do so much for your tiny space in the most orderly manner.

They compensate for a lack of counter space, bookshelves, whatever. In short, they're the best! This IKEA classic is billed as a kitchen cart, but can be used in so many other ways. (I recently removed the middle shelf from mine to allow room for tall liquor bottles on the bottom and it looks quite nice as a bar cart.)

Get it from IKEA for $24.99.

11. Make sure your area rug fits your room because a rug that's too small or two big'll just make everything look weird.

Aim for a size so all of the furniture legs are either off or on the rug.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $129+ (available in three sizes, two colors).


14. Become BFFs with lucite furniture for a spacious look that's basically sorcery.

Just be careful not to stub your toe on this ~magical~ furniture! (I speak from experience with my lucite coffee table.)

Get them from Amazon for $73.96 each or two for $138.94 (available in eight colors).