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    32 Ways To Make Doing Laundry So Much Easier

    More time to do OTHER stuff while wearing your clean clothes. (Or not, whatever!)

    1. Invest in a double hamper with built-in laundry bags for separating colors from the start.

    2. Encourage kids (or adults!) to put away their dirty laundry in one spot with a cool hamper that'll score you some extra points.

    3. Climb stairs to do the wash? Make it easier on yourself with a hip-hugging laundry basket that'll feel like less of a strain on your back.

    4. Or if you have to venture outside of your place to do your laundry, consider an easy-to-carry laundry bag or stair-climbing cart that'll make a vast difference!

    5. Slap a laundry cheat sheet magnet onto the side of your machine because lol if you don't have to google those lil' symbols every single time.

    6. Or hang up some pretty laundry symbol wall art if your laundry room's walls are looking pretty empty.

    7. And while you're at it, print out this too so you have a quick guide for effectively treating a stain before you wash it the first time.

    8. Speaking of treating stains, carry a Tide To Go pen with you at all times so you can pre-treat *appropriate* stains before they set!

    9. Switch to this all-natural, biodegradable stain fighter if the product you've been defaulting to for years no longer seems to cut it on your family's messy offenses.

    10. But if you prefer a spray, try this plant-based stain remover that'll do a number on spots — even with its cruelty-free and 100% vegan formula!

    11. Maintain the thing that cleans your things with machine-cleaning tablets to help tackle dirt and detergent buildup for an efficient cleaning the first cycle.

    12. And if tablets STILL don't seem to get rid of weird mildew smells, take a stab at this liquid washing machine cleaner ready to make you say "Vinegar? I don't know her."

    13. Get ahead of machine buildup with some wool dryer balls as a natural fabric softener that'll *also* speed up dry time!

    14. Regularly clean out your lint trap with a ~flexible~ lint brush to clean up drying time AND prevent fires. (Seriously.)

    15. Catch costly liquid detergent overflow with a drip catcher that can also help you avoid moving around that giant jug of cleaning goo.

    16. Tight on space? Slide a skinny storage unit in between machines or between stacked machines and the wall for easy access to all your cleaning essentials

    17. But if the top of your laundry machines is the only place where you can store detergent or fold your laundry, put up some laundry guards to avoid dirtying fresh-from-the-dryer towels that slipped off the side of your machine.

    18. Protect bras by washing them in special bags because it's cute that you say you're going to hand-wash them weekly, but that's just not happening.

    19. Keep your sneakers (or other washable shoes) looking pristine in these shoe mesh bags that are the same deal as the bra bags ^ but with more room for your footwear.

    20. Toss pairs of socks or gloves into mesh laundry bags meant for delicates so they stay grouped together! At last!

    21. Or keep track with a socks tool you can safely toss in the washer and dryer, and then hang up on a hook 'til you're ready to put them back in your drawers.

    22. Track down solo socks faster with this adorable ~sole mates~ sign for reuniting pairs!

    23. Flip dark clothes inside out before washing to help prevent fading.

    24. Zip up any zippers before you throw stuff in the wash so those teeny tiny teeth won't shred your T-shirts.

    25. Park a magnetic ironing pad on top of your front-loading machine to avoid busting out the ironing board. Talk about a one-stop shop!

    26. Detest ironing? De-wrinkle items faster with a handheld steamer for your nicer goods or wrinkle-release spray for your hardier items. (Ironing is a pain!)

    27. Or if you have more important things to do, throw a dry, wrinkled garment in the dryer with an ice cube or two to straighten it out.

    28. Lay sweaters fly to dry. This hanging sweater dryer will afford you some extra drying space out of thin air.

    29. Work with LOTS of room for line drying items thanks to this wall-mount folding rack with a 60 lbs., capacity and 22.5 linear feet of drying space.

    30. Corral your clothespins into this adorable mini dress with an incredibly helpful cutout so you won't be left holding a wet garment while searching for a means to hang it on the line!

    31. Fold clothes in a snap thanks to this handy folder that'll make everything look so neat and uniform once you file it away in your drawer.

    32. Tidy up that hanger pile with a dedicated stacker that seems like something you don't need, but will make getting clean laundry back in your closet sooo much faster.

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