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    24 Clever Tricks For Tackling Disgusting Bathroom Problems

    Scrub a dub, let's reveal what's been hiding in the pipes of your jetted tub.

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    1. Coax hidden gunk out from where it lurks with some powerful jetted bathtub cleaner you'll wish you'd been using all along.

    2. Catch hair before it causes a plumbing hassle with a TubShroom and SinkShroom for easy removal on the reg — even after you give the dog a bath!

    3. And if the prevention ship has sailed, use some drain snakes with prickly catchers to pull out the mess. (Warning: You'll probably be scarred forever.)

    4. Cradle your artisanal bar of soap in a cute draining dish to avoid the dreaded soapy goo on the bottom of the bar.

    5. Or get a grip in the shower or the sink with a soap stand/handle that'll also prevent the wasteful goo.

    6. Scrub away hard water marks with a pumice stone you should most definitely label as "TOILET" so people don't use it on their feet(!!!!).

    7. And in case the situation is a bit more dire, use a toilet wand cleaning system with removable heads so you'll stop regretting your decision to potty train your cats.

    8. Hang up a hamper so you won't have to step into your loved ones' dirty underwear. Again.

    9. Avoid having to fend for yourself with a cool toilet paper holder you won't mind leaving out in the open so it'll be easier to keep tabs on how many rolls you have left.

    10. And ~invest~ in some worthy toilet paper with our picks for the best of the best so you don't have to yell for your kid to hand you napkins from the kitchen.

    11. Or just buy a bidet attachment because it'll help make cleanup feel waaaay more effective.

    12. Target the tiny lines of scum YOU can see around plumbing fixtures with some detail brushes you could also use on grout.

    13. Mask rank bathroom odors before they start with some Poo-Pourri spray that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

    14. Keep your toothbrushes away from whatever's floating in your bathroom air with a flip-top holder that'll take up very little room on your counter.

    15. Annihilate tough soap scum on shower doors, tub bottoms, sinks, whatever with a targeted cleaner that has a commercial-strength formula to cut through the mess.

    16. Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet tank overnight to erase grimy stains.

    17. Cut down on damp bathroom smells with an antibacterial, deodorized bath mat that'll absorb water and dry faster than other bath mats.

    18. Bring blackened grout back from the disgusting brink with ~intense~ grout cleaner because you shouldn't want to wear shoes in the bathroom.

    19. Reach the places that make your back hurt (and therefore stay waaay dirtier) with an extendable scrubber, lest your kids make up a story about how that dirty spot on the shower surround is a portal to a monster world.

    20. Conquer stubborn hard surface stains and shine up fixtures with some cult-status soft cleanser, even when you've settled on having to hose off in a gray-floored tub.

    21. Clear away hard water stains and buildup by dunking your shower head in a bag filled with vinegar, securing it with a rubber band, and leaving overnight.

    22. Separate your cleaning products from your toiletries with a sink cabinet organizer because your bag of cotton balls touching a bottle of toilet cleaner is a possibility you'd like to prevent.

    23. Fade pesky mildew stains along the edge of your tub with bleach-soaked cotton coil left to works its magic overnight.

    24. Park that tiny computer you carry on you 24/7 on a toilet paper holder/shelf because have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet? Yeahhhhhh.

    When you finally get that those mildew stains off your shower surround:

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