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    26 Things Under $25 From Food52 That’ll Probably Never Stop Being Useful

    It turns out, a magnetic spice rack to stick on the side of your fridge can be a huge game changer for your cooking setup.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A beeswax food wrap that works with the heat of your hands to help you take a sandwich to go or keep leftovers in fighting shape. Plus, it'll help you drastically cut down on your one-time plastic use while looking dang good!


    Promising review: "We keep our parmesan and cheddar wrapped in these! Eliminates plastic bags and is great for keeping the cheese from drying out." —Donna S.

    Price: $18+ (available in single or three-packs in three patterns)

    2. A stainless-steel ice pack in a super slim package that won't hog precious space in your lunchbox, cooler, picnic basket, freezer... you get my chilly drift.


    Promising review: "Great for a packed lunch or to just keep something cool for a few hours. I keep them in the freezer at all times and because they are slim, they take up no space." —Bernice

    Price: one for $16 or two for $30

    3. A two-pack of Gochujang Sriracha so you'll have a lazy way to make your homemade meal so much tastier.

    two bottles of the sauce

    Promising review: "Sriracha has become such an everyday condiment, but this brand is really something special. It has bright, spicy flavors, and just the right amount of sweetness. Definitely not run-of-the mill; it’s small batch deliciousness!" —Catrina B.

    Price: $16 (also check out some sriracha powder for dusting on some flavor)

    4. A sustainably made nonmedical face mask whose purchase includes 10% that'll go to No Kid Hungry which is helping feed US kids during the coronavirus pandemic. Might as well stock up on these beauts because they're THE accessory of 2020.


    Price: $22 (available in eight prints)

    5. Wool dryer balls to do the work of a fabric softener sheet (but even better) without the residue those leave behind on the inside of your hardworking machine. Plus! They'll speed up your drying time!

    hand reaching into laundry basket with towels to reach a tennis ball sized wool ball

    Promising review: "Definitely speeds up drying time and makes towels fluffier. No surprise but they are noisy. Worth every thump. A couple of drops of essential oil on one of them each cycle makes the dryer load smell wonderful." —eb

    Price: three for $20 (available in warm or cool tones)

    6. Marseille liquid hand soap because if 2020 has taught us anything, it's the importance of *good* handwashing. This lovely packing won't hurt your case for making everyone in the fam adequately wash their paws.

    two pump bottles of the hand soap

    Promising review: "During this time of few treats, this one is a beautiful necessity. Makes washing my hands (all the time) much more enjoyable. Very sudsy. So glad I purchased this." —Jack&izzy

    Price: $22 (available in Vegetal or Olive Oil)

    7. Or a pair of fawn-cy soaps from the same brand in the same scents for those who prefer a bar over a pump.

    sudsy soap on a soap holder on a bathroom counter

    Price: $18 (available in Vegetal or OIive Oil, or one of each)

    8. A suction cup wall hook for creating some no-commitment storage right where you need it, when you need it. And once that's no longer a thing you need, you can move it somewhere else!


    Price: $24+ (available in black or white, and in a two-pack)

    9. A magnetic spice rack you can stick on the side of the fridge so you'll have your faves hanging out right by your work area.

    kitchen view of countertop with side of fridge with magnetic spice rack stuck on it

    Promising review: "We had a cabinet emergency in which all of our spices had taken over. We don’t have much counter space, so finding this option was immediately helpful. We have a total of two and that seems to have done the trick. Love how securely it adheres to the fridge." —Betsy J.

    Price: $24

    10. A tapered French rolling pin to help you execute that pie crust like a total PRO. If you need some help eating that pie, just @ me.

    hands using the rolling pin to roll pie crust onto a pan

    Price: $24 (available in two diameters)

    11. Aluminum baking sheets that have a *bright* future of sheet pan nachos, pillowy chocolate chip cookies, homemade pizzas, and all kinds of other delectable creations. BTW, my above offer to help you eat stuff still stands.


    Promising review: "I just replaced my 40-year-old baking sheets! It is so nice to bake on new sheets. My old sheets were also Nordic Ware, so I can look forward to several years of use. Quality product, highly recommend this brand if you're comparative shopping." —Shirley A.

    Price: $24+ (available in seven sizes)

    12. Spicy maple syrup to help give your family pancake dinner night an exciting new twist. Also check out the gingerbread syrup too!

    breakfast table setup with coffee cake on plates and spicy syrup bottle

    Price: $16 each for spicy or gingerbread

    13. And some sea salt-infused honey you can drizzle over a bowl of oats or on your peanut butter toast to make an at-home meal feel a little more special. IMO, it's all about the condiments!

    bottle of the honey with a nozzle top

    Promising review: "This honey is perfect on biscuits or toast. Not too sweet or artificial tasting like the ones in the grocery store. The Salted Honey has a naturally light honey flavor and the bottle is amazing, too!!" —Dru P.

    Price: $16

    14. A two-pack of organic rolled oats that'll help you whip up breakfast staples like overnight oats and energy bites. (But also stuff like no-bake cookies!!!)

    pack of the rolled oats

    Price: $18

    15. Leakproof storage bags to help you cut down on the one-use plastic ziplock bags your family relies upon — you'll wish you bought these bbs eons ago.


    Price: $24+ (available in four packs)

    16. Space-saving hangers for my fellow clotheshorses that'll help you fit all your lovely finds into your closet (or at least more of them) thanks to these hangers' odd (but useful!) shapes.


    Promising review: "I really like these hangers. This is my second purchase. The first time I bought the set with several different kinds. This time I bought 10 more of the shirt hangers. They look great and take up so little space. Someone else complained about how garments 'stick' to these and it's a little bit hard to get things on and off the hangers because they aren't slippery. That is true, actually, but I view that as a feature rather than as a bug. I'd rather spend an extra moment arranging the item properly on the hanger and having it stay there than have it slide around or fall off." —Carolynst

    Price: $18+ (available in )

    17. A three-pack of sustainably harvested canned seafood to quickly become an upgrade to your go-to pantry staple. It'll especially come in handy if you're cooking for a vegetarian but aren't yourself. You can throw in some of this to your dish once you've split up portions!


    Price: $24 (available in Atlantic Canadian Lobster, PEI Mussels in Smoked Paprika and Fennel Tomato Sauce, Ontario Trout with Dill or a pack with one of each)

    18. A five-pack of reusable silicone straws that comes with compact travel cases and straw cleaners you can tote around with ya so your iced coffee or vodka sodas habit doesn't have to contribute to plastic waste.


    Promising review: "These are my favorite things. I love them so much. I always have one on me, and I love that since they are silicone, they don't take up a ton of room in my bag. The cleaners are super easy to use, and the colors are to die for. LOVE" —Carrie

    Price: $25 (or a four-pack for $75)

    19. A pair of resuable Baggu shopping bags in fun patterns that'll be easier to bring along with you than other bags. They even fold down into a small pouch that'll fit in a pocket!

    person holding a stripe bag and a purple fruit print bag

    I have several friends that swear by this brand's reusable bags!

    Price: two for $24+ (available in small or large sizes, and nine style combos or mesh)

    20. A mini binder as the hot new spot for all your (and your fam's) secret recipes.

    open notebook with recipe written down on a page

    Price: $12 (available in marble print, white, or charcoal)

    21. A vintage silver-plated relish fork to up the ante for your charcuterie board. Also because your regular ole forks just won't elegantly spear an olive like you'd prefer. Also pick up a matching spreader to really impress


    Price: $16 for the fork or $20 for the spreader

    22. Gauze cotton Japanese bath towels that'll make a fine replacement for that towel you're preeetty sure you accidentally packed from the hotel on your last vacay or kept from the gym. Either way, it's an odd man out and you deserve better (even if you're an accidental towel thief)!

    towels in a neutral color palette hanging up on a row of wall pegs

    Price: $19+ (available in three colors and in a washcloth, hand towel, or bath towel)

    23. A fold-up nylon toiletry kit – it could make anyone who thrives on organization happy. It'll help keep you in line while you're on the go — without forcing you to figure out a storage solution for it while you're not traveling thanks to its wallet size when empty, zipped down.


    Price: $20 (available in black or green)

    24. Compostable dinnerware that is yes, disposable, but these plates made from fallen palm leaves and water will come in handy when the alternatives are entrusting a crowd with your normal dinner plates (you adore) or disposable ones that aren't so gentle on ole Mother Earth.

    top down view of the wooden looking plates with food on them

    Price: $13+ (available in three sizes of square plates, three sizes of round plates, two sizes of compartment plates; also check out compostable corn on the cob trays)

    25. A peppercorn tower to experience new flavors, even if it's just a dash on top of your go-to scrambled eggs.


    Includes Tellicherry Pepper, Szechuan Pepper, Muntok White Pepper, Comet's Tail Pepper, and Asian Pepper.)

    Price: $22 (also check out a similar tower of salt)

    26. Double-walled glassware that'll show off whatever delicious things you have inside while keeping condensation off your tabletop. Talk about a win-win!

    table setting with two cups and a pitcher with the visible juice inside

    Price: $19+ (available in two tea glasses, two espresso glasses, two coffee glasses, two latte glasses or two bowls)

    Me eagerly waiting to see what you're gonna do with all this great stuff:


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