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    42 Useful Stocking Stuffers They'll Really Appreciate

    Phone charger clamps, fancy floss, a wine stain remover, a wallet multi-tool, and so many other things they'll use on the reg after they eat all the stocking filler holiday candy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Houseplant care cards for the wannabe old plant lady who has left a few dead plants in their wake.

    2. Clay mask sticks they can use to more or less draw on the part of their face they want to address instead of dirtying their hands.

    3. A 12-pack of water bottle-cleaning tablets to make sure everyone's go-to container actually gets cleaned. (Cleaning water bottles is hard!)

    4. A four-pack of cute phone charger clamps that'll help solve whose charger is whose, which has probably already started at least one argument before Christmas morning.

    5. A phone lamp to corral their phone's flashlight in times of need... even while camping!

    6. A set of phone camera lenses they'll be able to use for amazing vacation photos that only *look* like they had to lug around hefty camera equipment to achieve.

    7. A bottle opener they might have to hide from their friends at their next party.

    8. A deck of Harry Potter cards because everyone should have a good deck of cards on hand for traveling, passing the time, whatever!

    9. Ice grips so trekking across snowy sidewalks in cute shoes won't be a problem.

    10. A hilarious stress reliever that'll give them a fun way to get out some aggression.

    11. A skyline of bookmarks to help them keep their page in the books they just got for the holidays that they're reading all at once.

    12. Silicone beer savers for keeping a six-pack of the good stuff fresh in case of emergencies.

    13. A light-up beanie that'll become the G.O.A.T. of their winter accessories collection.

    14. Biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes for anyone who's trying to create a little less waste.

    15. And coconut oil–coated floss to leave them scratching their head. But then they'll have squeaky clean teeth and that's more important.

    16. A selfie ring as a means for the best possible light for their self-anointed closeups.

    17. A compact travel jewelry box to help any style obsessive keep their baubles in order.

    18. A ~secretive~ brush where they can stash some cash as a little extra insurance both at home and on journeys.

    19. And a trio of mini Wet Brushes to help tame the wildest of tangles.

    20. Mini screwdrivers that'll become indispensible in their tool kit for eyeglasses, appliances, and lots of other essential bits.

    21. Stainless-steel straws and a cleaning tool so their at-home iced coffee obsession won't create an island of plastic straws in the ocean.

    22. A wallet-size multitool anyone and everyone could use.

    23. A magnifying LED makeup mirror they can tuck into a bag and use to turn a flat surface into a vanity.

    24. A Lush shampoo bar for the person who's already sworn to live a zero-waste life in 2018.

    25. A three-pack of Tide To Go pens because they'll always be grateful they have one on them.

    26. A red wine stain remover that can work on soooo many other stains too.

    27. A cheerful tea infuser to help feed a tea-lover's habit.

    28. A spare pair of ear buds because these tiny things we rely on so heavily are incredibly easy to lose and these can be their backup!

    29. An ear buds holder so sharp, it won't be forgotten!

    30. A pack of moldable glue they could use a million different ways around the house, from corralling wires to sealing cracks in rain boots to mounting hardware on tile walls.

    31. A 14-pack of stain erasers to lighten the wear and tear their red wine love is taking on their teeth.

    32. A Bagnet, aka a magnetized purse hook-type thing that'll let them hang their purse on a metal bathroom stall, bar stool, or any other metal place so they don't have to put their nice bag on the floor. (ICK!)

    33. A beard balm for eliminating itch and beardruff, and giving 'em the most magnificent facial hair in their damn life.

    34. A couple of plant watering stakes to split between two green thumbs whose house plants are still alive. (How?!)

    35. A four-pack of cat butt coasters as a conversation starter that'll protect nice tabletops.

    36. A headlight-restoration kit that'll take less time to wipe away grime than it'd take to drive to the dealership for the same ~pricier~ service.

    37. A 13-pack of beautifully packaged sheet masks to tuck into everyone's stocking for a family pampering pic later.

    38. A TubShroom anyone with tons of hair (like this writer) will appreciate sooo much. Seriously, they'll split their life between before and after TubShroom.

    39. An incredibly moisturizing moisturizer for working wonders on dry lips, faces, hands, cuticles, feet, elbows or knees. Really wherever!

    40. A five-pack of Disney character socks because socks will forever be a useful gift. You know what's not useful? Cold feet!

    41. A trio of no-crease hair ties that won't betray the person who spends waaaay too much time on their long locks.

    42. And a four-pack of Starbucks gift cards so everyone has something to do once they get restless from being in the house together for too long.

    When they see what Santa left in their stocking:

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